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Are you a US citizen? Wondering if there are any online casinos accepting US players? The answer is yes! There are plenty of US gambling sites out there. You can find casino sites for US players without too much trouble. The legal issue is the biggest problem with online casinos accepting US players. Still, more and more US citizens can now legally play at US online casinos.

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A number of casino sites for US players are not exactly legal. Most players will want to avoid such US online casinos. Still, many players decide to play there for lack of an alternative. We recommend playing at legal US gambling sites. A number of states now allow legal gambling at US online casinos.

Foreign Online Casinos Accepting US Players

Gaming jurisdictions such as Kahwanake Gaming Commission in Canada issue licenses to many casinos. Such casinos are often online casinos accepting US players. These casino sites for US players have not a direct connection to the USA. For this reason, they are able to accept US players. Such casino sites for US players are relatively safe. The biggest issue comes with cashouts.

The US government is not a fan of people playing at such casino sites for US players. For this reason, they can make it hard to make deposits and withdrawals. Using modern payment methods such as Bitcoin is one way around this.

Players in most US states will have to use foreign casinos accepting US players. Only a few states now allow legal online gambling in the USA. Such domestic US online casinos are certainly the best alternative. The big downside is that most US players still can’t access them. Hence, they have to turn to foreign online casinos accepting US players.

Domestic US Online Casinos

Several US states such as Nevada and New Jersey have legalized US online casinos. Other states like California and Mississippi plan to do so. Domestic US online casinos and US gambling sites carry state gaming licenses. These are the safest casino sites for US players. If you live in these states you can look for US gambling sites with government regulations seals.

US online casinos are online casinos accepting US players only. Foreign players cannot play at domestic casino sites for US players. The exclusive US online casinos are the best bet for any US citizen. These US gambling sites provide a safe and stable gaming environment.

Deposits and Withdrawals at US Gambling Sites

Online casino banking is difficult for US citizens. Playing at legal US gambling sites you can use your credit cards. Other US online casinos will force you to use payment processors. Using Bitcoin crypto-currency is a great way to avoid having any troubles. Most online casinos accepting US players now accept bitcoin.

There are many ways to deposit into foreign online casinos accepting US players. However, it will never be as simple as it is for European players. Still, online gambling at US gambling sites is very much possible. Once you get acquainted with the banking at casino sites for US players, it can run pretty smoothly.

Avoiding Fraud at Casino Sites For US Players

Lack of safe regulations is a problem at some US online casinos. Such US gambling sites can be susceptible to fraud. This is why we advise caution with online casinos accepting US players. Make sure your casino carries a license from a well-known authority. Kahwanake Gaming Commission is the most common regulator for online casinos accepting US players.

If you are not playing at local US online casinos, look for these licenses. There have been many cases of fraud with online casinos for US players in the past. This was always due to wild casinos without licenses trying to attract customers. As long as you play at licensed online casinos for US players, you should have no major issues. Licensed casino sites for US players usually have nothing to hide.

Bonuses and Customer Support at US Gambling Sites

Once you find safe US online casinos, things should run smoothly. Most US gambling sites provide solid customer support and fantastic bonuses. It is hard to attract US customers, so US gambling sites often give huge bonuses. Online casinos accepting US players can, in fact, be quite generous.

The one area where US gambling sites don’t always excel is the customer support. Many online casinos accepting US players are in fact foreign. This means the support agents are not US citizens. As such, you can expect weaker language skills and understanding from these agents. Still, many online casinos for US players have well-trained support staff.

Is it Safe to Play at Online Casinos for US Players?

Safety is critical on the internet. There are many out there trying to scam people. This is why playing at US online casinos must be done with caution. However, there is a good number of safe online casinos for US players.

US gambling sites with long history and licenses deserve your trust. While they may have a beef with US government, these are usually safe casino sites for US players. US online casinos with Kahwanake licenses, for instance, are fairly safe for play.

Depositing and withdrawing money may be a bit difficult at casino sites for US players. These sites will pay you, but you may have to wait a little longer. While this may be uncomfortable, it is no reason to have some fun with online casinos for US players.

Final Words at Online Casinos For US Players

Online casinos accepting US players do exist. While many don’t accept US customers, those who do are often very solid casino sites. You should examine these US gambling sites before you start playing.

Make sure that the US online casinos you play at have all the proper licenses. Once you are sure of this, do some digging online. Check for comments and user experiences. If the players like a particular casino, it is likely it will be good for you too. Make sure you to play at US casinos for US players with positive reviews and lots of reputation.

Players should make sure to avoid online casinos accepting US players without a license. Shady licenses should also be avoided as they mean very little. If you live in one of the states where online gambling is legal, simply play at domestic, regulated US gambling sites. That way you can avoid offshore casino sites for US players altogether.