Juice and Fruits Slot

Juice and Fruits Slot Machine

Are you ready for some juicy action? The Juice and Fruits online casino slot by Playson brings us some good old fashioned slot action in a brand new suit. Enjoy spinning the reels and playing slots in their purest form with this fabulous Playson powered game.

juice and fruits slot logo

Juice and Fruits is a ten payline slot that plays on five reels with some classic symbols many players will be well used to. Cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, watermelons and of course the sevens are the symbols that make up the tiles in this casino game.

If you are in for some old fashioned action, keep reading and find out what type of payouts and gameplay you can expect from this video slot.

Juice and Fruits Gameplay Features

As incredible as it may sound, Juice and Fruits does not offer any bonus games, free spins or any other gameplay feature that will provide extra payouts. Instead, the game simply plays across the ten paylines, without any wild symbols or catches. You will need to stop actual combinations of symbols to get paid, like in the good old days.

Since there are no wilds and no scatters, regular combos will pay way higher than in most current games. Even full lines of lower paying symbols will pay 20x your initial bet, while five sevens on a single payline will be good for 500x your bet, a monster payout.

Many players will complain about the lack of featured games, free spins and bonuses, but this game actually appeals very much to gamblers who like the good old fruit machines or used to gamble a couple of decades ago when these types of games were all that you could play.

Juice and Fruits Graphics and Audio

Juice and Fruits is a playful and cheery game that will appeal to the kid in you. The game features cartoonish depictions of fruits and some very fun music that will keep things entertaining and engaging. Since there are no featured games to wait for, you may wait a bit between payouts, which is why the graphics and music had to stay positive to keep players going.

Gameplay can be a bit slow unfortunately as the reels take a bit of time to fully spin, but you should not have any problems staying involved with the game as it is truly engaging and positive. The only players who will not like it are those who really love to play games with lots of different bonus games, as Juice and Fruits does not include any of those.