Coolbet Sportsbook and Casino

Coolbet Sportsbook and Casino

Coolbet Sportsbook and Casino Review

Coolbet already shows a lot of promise, after only 2 years in the market. With plenty of innovation and excitement, they should appeal to sports bettors of all experience. Their young and vibrant web design should especially find appeal with younger players.

Coolbet was created by Jan Svendsen. Svendsen was also the founder and former boss of Nordic Gaming group. This group included Nordicbet and Triobet. Experienced online sports bettors will be familiar with this name as an innovator within the digital sportsbook industry. He also has over thirty years experience in the industry which is good news. Coolbet has turned into a unique sportsbook and casino provider like no other.

What they lack in experience they make up for in innovative services, great web design, and vast sports coverage. They also created their own software division to create tailor made packages for their clients. They also teamed up with various well-known software companies in order to provide their customers with the best solutions.

Coolbet is doing everything different to others in the industry. Instead of seeking a license from the usual authorities in Malta, Gibraltar or UK, they instead opted for Estonia. This also happens to be their home territory. It’s also one of the strictest gambling authorities in the world. The Coolbet brand is also owned by parent company, Stay Cool OÜ. The brand is headquartered in Tallinn and employs around fifty people.

Their mission is to take online gambling and sports betting into new directions. They thus try new things that no one has done before. One such instance is the use of their own software. Even though they have access to the products of NetEnt and Microgaming, using their own software makes them unique.

To accommodate their customer base they support English along with some Scandinavian languages. They also support numerous currencies. Their services are not available in many countries thus far but this will change as they grow. All they need is time. According to their founder, the concept took sixteen months to develop using all new technologies. We, therefore, can’t expect them to run at full capacity overnight.

Key facts about Coolbet online sports betting

One distinct fact about Coolbet is that they are first to show turnover along with bet counts for specific matches. The brand claims to be the world’s first completely transparent online sportsbook. Any player who’s been burned by a provider before will appreciate this.  Jan Svendsen also quoted this as a reason for creating Coolbet. This is an industry where information is always hidden and the customers end up paying. Svendsen thus wanted to create a company that went in the opposite direction.

Their transparency means that players also know exactly who is involved in company management. Contact details of the management team and even the owner is readily available. This is quite unique and there is no other online sportsbook that does this or offers these features. The brand’s drive towards complete honesty and transparency is also in line with the principles and aims of UNODC, to prevent and expose possible match-fixing and irregular betting practices.

Coolbet online sports betting design and layout

The Coolbet website design and layout falls in line with their drive to create something that’s appealing, transparent and user-friendly. The user experience is always a top priority, especially with Coolbet. Their developers have spent a lot of effort making sure that players don’t have trouble using their website. This has also reached to their mobile platform.

To this end, the Coolbet online sports betting operator has a fantastic concept in how online sportsbook functions and how the user can navigate and enjoy the overall design and layout of the site. The Coolbet online sports betting website displays everything that is good in Nordic design aesthetics, with a cool greyscale colour palette and beautifully striking bright highlight colours including a metro orange and bright blue, used to great effect in displaying various navigational options, stats and betting options. The logo itself is a word of art and consists of the Coolbet online sports betting logo and polar bear mascot, rendered in a trendy font and multiple colours of green, orange, blue and red, the identity colours of the Coolbet online sports betting brand. The logo design, along with the entire website design is tasteful, elegant and fresh.

The layout of the site is less cluttered than many other online sportsbooks. Despite this, all the information that you could ever need readily available to you. Everything presented is in stats layouts, graphs, and spreads. The site manages to be efficient in presenting key sports betting information that serious sports bettors need. In doing this is also manages to be completely user-friendly and beginners shouldn’t have a hard time getting started.

Betting options

Along with innovative and fresh website design, the Coolbet online sports betting operator also offers a range of top betting markets to suit virtually every preference and need. This includes a selection of both sports and non-sports markets which also helps to broaden a number of diverse options that are available on the website on any given day. An example of the selection of betting markets currently available on the Coolbet online sports betting website include:

  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Winter Sports
  • American Football
  • Bandy
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Entertainment
  • eSports
  • Floorball
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Politics
  • Snooker
  • Volleyball

For the most part, betting markets that are available are in line with most leading online sportsbooks although it is the way in which each of these available markets is presented that makes the Coolbet online sports betting site stand out from the pack. Clicking on any one of the betting markets listed above will bring up a slew of relevant information in a dedicated subpage for that particular betting market. The information is presented in a clear and concise way with stats, betting odds and more information occupying its own space, making it very easy to see the most relevant information at a glance and then act on it without wasting any valuable time.

Football betting markets

Of course, football is the number one game in the world and no self-respecting online sportsbook worth its salt would go without offering a comprehensive football menu. The Coolbet online sports betting operator has designed their football betting market page with the same great style and attention to detail as the rest of their site and there are plenty of betting markets and betting types (options) to choose from. Football fans can simply navigate to the main football betting market using the beautifully designed green sports section tab at the top of the sports page which will bring up the main menu of betting markets. Scrolling down to the football tab and clicking on the plus symbol will expand the option and reveal each and every available football betting market which is actually quite impressive and coverage is superior to what a number of other online sportsbooks are able to offer.

The Coolbet online sports betting football markets include the following leagues and territories:

  • World Cup 2018
  • Europe
  • England
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • International
  • Denmark
  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bolivia
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Egypt
  • Greece
  • Guatemala
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • Kuwait
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • Northern Ireland
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Scotland
  • Serbia
  • South Korea
  • Specials
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • USA
  • Venezuela

Coolbet online sports betting and streaming in real time

The Coolbet online sports betting brand has a very interesting take on presenting live betting on their website which is at once innovative and fresh and original at the same time. There are two main tabs which stretch across the top of the sports betting page, “Live Bet” on the left and “Select Sports” on the right. Clicking on the Select Sports bar or button will take you to the Coolbet main selection of different online sports betting markets as outlined above. Clicking on the Live Bet bar will take you to the brand’s own version of live streaming coverage which is totally different to how any other online sportsbook does it.

Coolbet online sports betting currently does not include a video streaming service but instead extends to the market, one of the coolest and most practical design features ever seen on an online sportsbook website. Clicking on the Live Bet bar will immediately bring up a new page which contains a graphic representation of a football pitch, viewed from an overhead position. This is the live betting coverage display and it is actually very effective and also very attractive. Above the football live animation graphic is the game that is currently covered in the display and you can click on the “Show Live Bet Matches” bar to show all matches that can be displayed in the live betting format.

The graphic is constantly updating every second as events unfold in real time on the actual pitch between the two participating teams. Bettors can see the graphics change to report which team is on the attack, whether a shot at goal was on target, corners, ball possession and much more. Scrolling down reveals a wealth of additional information relevant to the game at hand, as well as all online betting options relating to football covered by the Coolbet online sports betting website. These include:

  • Match Result
  • Total Goals Over/Under
  • Handicap (3 Way)
  • Draw No Bet
  • Double Chance
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Home Team Total Goals Over/Under
  • Away Team Total Goals Over/Under
  • Match Result and Both Teams to Score
  • Next Team to Score
  • Odd or Even Total
  • Correct Score
  • Home Team Clean Sheet
  • Clean Sheet
  • Home Team to Win to Nil
  • Next Goal Scorer

Clicking on Show Live Bet Matches will bring up other teams, leagues and current live matches being played around the world. You can scroll down the list to find the team or league that you are interested in. clicking on the team versus team detail will bring up that particular match in the same graphic layout and setting as the one described above, along with the same live updates and betting options tables, making it very easy to follow live matches and make great in-play bets.

Coolbet online sports betting promotions and bonuses

True to form, the Coolbet online sports betting site has a slightly different take on their bonus offer for new players that may be interested in signing up for a free player account with the brand. While most other online sportsbooks will usually or typically give away a few free bets once new players sign up, make a deposit as well as a minimum bet, Coolbet offers a more solid sign up bonus offer.

When new players decide to sign up for free Coolbet online sports betting player accounts and make their first real money deposit into their verified account, Coolbet will match their deposit with a 100% bonus up to a maximum deposit of one hundred euros. This sort of bonus offer, which is more along the lines of a casino style of welcome bonus, is much more flexible than free bets as it allows players more room to roam and pick markets and betting options that suit them best.

The Coolbet online sports betting operator, in addition, provides other online sports betting promotions, one of which is another innovative first simply called Coolpickz. Clicking on the Coolpickz icon will redirect you to a new page where you can read up on the exciting and innovative Coolpickz concept before diving in. Essentially Coolpickz is a free sports prediction game which is open to all members of the Coolbet online sports betting circle. The game features weekly cash prizes which are all sponsored by Coolbet, so you can be assured of their authenticity and transparency.

Another interesting promotion offered under the Coolbet online sports betting promo page is the “See What Others are Betting On” promotion which ties in rather nicely with their campaign to be the most transparent sportsbook in the industry. Whenever you see the € symbol next to a match and clicking on it will allow you to see the actual turnover as well as a number of bets for the specific match (1×2). This allows you as a player great insight into what your fellow bettors are betting on which you can use to your advantage, either as part of your overall betting strategy on the site or as a useful guide if you are a new player.

Special conditions affecting Coolbet online sports betting bonuses

As innovative and exciting as the Coolbet online sports betting promotions are, they are also still subject to various terms and conditions. To begin with, all new players need to sign up for a real money account with the Coolbet online sports betting platform in order to take advantage of any of the offers that they will find on the Coolbet website. The accounting process is very streamlined and takes just a few minutes to complete. A full step by step guide is available below in this review. Once the account has been verified, players will then need to make a real money deposit of at least €10 in order to qualify for any of the first deposit bonuses or other Coolbet online sports betting promotions.

Another very important condition is that all sports bonuses such as the first deposit bonus outlined in the previous section must be wagered at least six times on minimum odds of 1.5 (or higher). Betting options are quite varied and include bets on Live Bet, single bets combo bets, and system bets. Bear in mind that single bets lower than the minimum 1.5 odds requirement will not be counted towards your bonus conditions. On the other hand, matches in combo and system bets with lower odds than 1.5 will count towards your bonus terms.

Coolbet has different online sports betting campaigns on a frequent basis, and the new player Coolbet promotion, outlined above, is just one of them. The online sports betting site also offers cool risk-free bets from time to time for new players which is a great way to try your hand at sports betting without risk. The way that this work is that, once you bet the minimum, which is usually five to ten euros and your bet loses, you will get a refund in free bets from Coolbet.

However, if your bet wins you don’t receive any promo since you bet already won which is its own reward. Here it is also important to keep in mind that the risk-free bet refund needs to be wagered in turn at least three times on minimum odds of 1.5. Risk-free refunds are also usually issued within a 24 hour period after the wager (bet) has been lost, unless the bet was placed over the weekend (Friday to Sunday) in which case the refund occurs on a Monday.

Bonuses also need to be wagered within thirty days of receiving them into your player account, if they are not used within this period, the Coolbet online sports betting operator may forfeit them and remove them from your account.

How do you register via the Coolbet online sports betting site?

As it has been stated in the previous section, all new players who wish to take advantage of the Coolbet online sports betting promotions and bonus offers, need to sign up for a new player account. This is an entirely free process and is also very quick and easy to complete. The entire registration process usually only takes about five minutes to complete and, if you have ever signed up for any sort of account online before, you will know exactly what to do. If however, you have never signed up for any sort of online account before, feel free to go through the step by step process as outlined in the following section.

Step One

The first step in the sign-up process is to visit the Coolbet online sports betting website, either from your desktop browser or from your mobile web browser. While this may seem like an obvious step to make, it is also important to realize that this is also your best chance to have a look around and decide if this is the online sportsbook, both for your sports betting needs and your own personal sense of style and taste. If you decide to sign up with the brand, simply look for the cool green sign up button located at the bottom of the homepage screen and click on it.

Step Two

You will now be directed to a pop-up screen and you will no doubt see a registration form that contains a number of blank spaces or blocks that you will need to fill in. As you will no doubt notice, there is nothing overly complicated about the registration form and there are no awkward or embarrassing questions to worry about. All of the information that is required from you is the same more or less, as any other online registration form.

Step Three

Begin filling in your details which will include your title such as Mr, Mrs, Dr, Ms and so on. The next section is for your name and surname as well as your date of birth. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to sign up for a free Coolbet account if you are under the age of 18 years old. Additional information that is required on the registration form also includes your email address and your contact number for your mobile phone.

This is very important as the Coolbet online sports betting operator will be sending you a confirmation SMS and if you have not submitted your mobile number correctly you will not receive the confirmation link and will not be able to complete your sign up process. It is always a good idea to double check details such as email address and contact number/mobile if the registration form does not require you to confirm these.

Step Four

The final step in the sign-up process is also an important one as this contains your consent for two important points. The one is the online sportsbooks set of terms and conditions, you are required to read through these before ticking the box that says that you agree with the brand’s terms and conditions. This box also confirms that you are over the age of 18. You also have the option now to select whether or not to receive Coolbet online sports betting promotional material, which will give you details on all new campaigns and Coolbet bonus offers. It is a good idea to tick this box so that you are always in the loop with cool things that are happening at the sportsbook.

Is Coolbet online sports betting safe and reliable?

As the Coolbet online sports betting portal is still a brand new sportsbook and is less than a year old, it is natural for experienced online sports bettors and new players to wonder about the safety and reliability of this fledgling brand. The sportsbook has no track record to speak of and only the reputation of its owner backing it up. This, however, is enough for many experienced players who know the name and are either aware of his reputation or have invested and played at previous sportsbooks such as Nordicbet. The high reputation of the backers of this brand also means that the sportsbooks liquidity is high and the owners have budgeted for any operational losses for the first few years of the brand’s operation.

The Coolbet online sports betting brand is also licensed in Estonia which many may find a bit unusual although Estonia happens to be one of the strictest licensing and regulatory authorities in the industry. This is especially true when it comes to customer protection and Coolbet is obliged to have a reserve of cash to protect their customer’s money.

Furthermore, the Coolbet online sports betting operator uses Microgaming and NetEnt software throughout their site which in and of itself is a mark of quality and safety. Both of these highly experienced online gaming software brands only produce high quality, highly reputable games that include true random number generators. These random number generators are also independently audited to ensure absolute fair play at all times. Finally, the brand also employs 128 bit SSL digital encryption protocols which are standard practice with all reputable online casinos sportsbooks and financial institutions. The data sent to or from the sportsbook is encrypted and one hundred per cent safe at all times. This includes all transactions within the sportsbook, betting and personal and private player information.

Coolbet online sports betting deposit options and cash out times 

The Coolbet online sports betting site provides a wide range of quality, industry-recognised payment options to suit the widest scope of preferences and needs possible. While these payment options are designed to suit as many players from as many countries as possible, it is always best to first sign up with via the Coolbet online sports betting  site and then, once successfully registered, log into the account and click on either the deposit or payout buttons to view the relevant information contained therein. This is because, inevitably, some payment options will not be available to certain countries and it is best to check in case your preferred option is not available.

That being said, the Coolbet online sports brand betting ensures that all deposits made are instant, reflecting in the player’s accounts immediately and that no additional fees are charged to customers for making deposits into their accounts. In fact, Coolbet does not even charge their players for making withdrawals from their accounts using one of the available methods.

Furthermore, Coolbet expects a minimum deposit in each of the available methods to be no less than ten euro per deposit and, for withdrawals, insist on a minimum withdrawal amount of at least twenty euro across the board. It is also worth noting that certain withdrawal options provide instant payout times while others take a bit longer.

This is not due to any delay from the Coolbet online sports betting site, but rather due to the actual method, you select. For instance, using an eWallet service such as Skrill or Neteller will mean that your withdrawal is instant while using other methods such as credit/debit card, bank transfer or Trustly will mean a waiting period of one to three days.

Some of the popular payment methods available at the Coolbet online sports betting platform include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Trustly
  • Euteller
  • Bank Transfer

Coolbet online sports betting customer service and support

The Coolbet online sports betting site offers comprehensive and efficient customer support in a variety of languages as well as a variety of communication channels to suit all needs and preferences. The Coolbet online sports betting Live Chat feature is the fastest way to reach their customer support services and also the most popular. To engage in a Live Chat session with one of Coolbet’s highly trained and very friendly support team members, simply click on the light blue widget located at the bottom of your screen. This will open a pop-up chat window and should connect you to one of the support agents within a few seconds.

The Coolbet online sports betting customer support is not twenty-four hours a day and is reachable between the hours of 0800 and 00:00 CET. This inevitably means that, on some occasions, there will not be someone there to answer your Live Chat request. This, however, is not a problem as a handy pop-up will allow you to leave a message and the customer support services will get back to you as soon as they can. The other alternative is to simply email the Coolbet online sports betting customer support staff and they will reply to your email as soon as they can, Cool bet’s email support is very good and the majority of responses occur in a twenty-four hour period or less.

It is also possible to contact the Coolbet customer support team between the hours of 11:00 and 19:00 CET which is generally a very efficient method of communication with the sportsbook. The customer support team as well as the Coolbet online sports betting website, in general, is available in a number of languages including English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian and Danish. Coolbet, in addition, includes a very useful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section which can go a long way in solving or resolving the most common questions and issues.

Coolbet online sports betting on mobile

Being able to play the latest online casino slots and table games or following the latest action from the football pitch horse race track or tennis court and being able to place bets on the go has become the number one way in which people engage with online casinos and sportsbooks. Mobile technology has improved in leaps and bounds in a relatively short space of time and today, even the most cost-effective mobile device is capable of astounding things.

This has also meant that online casinos and sportsbooks have had to up their game in the mobile casino and sportsbook department and many of the top brands now offer highly competitive mobile apps for their casinos and/or sportsbooks. This is most certainly the case with the Coolbet online sports betting brand, who takes their innovative design philosophy to the small screen with their Coolbet mobile sportsbook and casino for mobile devices including iPhone and iPad and Android devices.

Just about every feature that is available on the main Coolbet online sports betting website can be seen or utilized from the Coolbet mobile app which includes the live betting feature, in-play betting, top betting markets and the virtual and live casino platforms as well. The mobile site also offers the same high-quality graphics and look and feel, multiple languages and currency support and safe and secure banking with Coolbet’s friendly and efficient customer support centre available on mobile as well.

What are others saying about Coolbet online sports betting?

The innovative and cutting edge Coolbet online sports betting site received a great deal of industry press upon its launch earlier in 2016 and, within a very short space of time became the number one subject of discussion across a number of sports betting forums and industry websites. The mere fact that the founder of Nordicbet had decided to introduce something new, innovative and exciting into the online sportsbook industry had many experienced punters very curious and very excited.

The launch of Coolbet certainly did not disappoint and many experienced online sports bettors immediately signed up with the brand while others proceeded with a bit more caution. This did not last long as the sheer design appeal of the website quickly changed a number of sports bettor’s minds. Players love the look and feel of the site as well as the ease of use and quick navigation. The site feels totally modern and fresh and yet still manages to appeal to experienced sports bettors at a professional level.

Another big attraction for many players is the massive number of sports betting markets that are available, particularly in the football (soccer) markets. Perhaps the only quip that some players have has to do with the limited hours that the customer support team is available for although this is a minor point as the friendliness and professional approach of the support team more than makes up for this.

The conclusion of Coolbet online sports betting

Jan Svendsen, together with a core team, set about trying to change the way in which people think of an online sportsbook and the way in which online sports betting is conducted. All things considered, the team has succeeded rather admirably and the Coolbet online sports betting website is a shining example of what is possible with a little innovation and fresh ideas.

The Coolbet online sports betting brand has really made their mark on the online sports betting industry and have already begun to amass a considerable portion of the sports betting market, albeit currently still fairly limited to their core markets within Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Estonia. It is still nevertheless quite remarkable considering the brand is less than a year old.

One of the driving forces behind the unique overall design and layout of the Coolbet online sports betting site is the fact that just about every other sportsbook on the net looks more or less the same. Most sportsbook brands use the same third-party providers and, consequently, all offer more or less the same sports betting products and user experience. This is where Coolbet set out to be different and a big part of that is that the brand is in control, to a large extent, of their own software. This means that the Coolbet online sports betting operator is able to customize their offerings, ignoring current sports betting trends and offer something that is really unique, fresh and innovative.

The website alone is a work of art and is like nothing else in the sports betting arena. Players love the clean, professional looking minimal layout, with almost no big, distracting banners getting in the way of pure betting odds and stats. The site is also fast becoming a favourite of new players, who find the Coolbet online sports betting website very easy to use and non-intimidating. User-friendliness, great banking with fast payouts, high levels of security and a unique player experience makes Coolbet the most innovative and interesting sports book of the year.

The Coolbet online sports betting company has predominantly Norwegian-based owners, a company registered in Estonia and has an Estonian license that is regulated for both Estonian and non-Estonian customers. Coolbet’s core markets are Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia, with a key focus on online sports betting and casino products.

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