777 Casino Review

777 Casino Review

Welcome to onlinecasinomonsters.com review of 777 casino online that launched in 2015 by 888 Holdings Ltd. The group behind the popular 888 online casino, which formed in 1997 at the start of the gaming online revolution. They have cleverly carried this through to their theme for 777 casino game platform. Basing it on the development of Las Vegas in the 1950’s, the idea centres around mobster Bugsy Siegel. The man said to be behind the grand plan to bring gambling into the mainstream, by developing the Las Vegas strip as we know it today!

When You Visit 777 casino

When you hit their landing page, you can see that they have put a lot of thought into this concept. A dust-filled backdrop of the Vegas skyline, Bugsy motoring through the desert to get there. It has a sense of nostalgia that has been carried through to its graphics. Unfortunately, onlinecasinomonsters.com found the execution of their graphics lacking in consistency. We like the idea, but we found some areas of this casino online to feel slightly unfinished, maybe this is the impression the 888 guys are trying to convey. Sadly, we did not quite appreciate it. However, we are sure that a countless number of our readers will be captivated, especially if you are a fan of 1950’s American pop culture. Throughout the site and landing page, we found issues that detract from what could be an all-around remarkable casino online experience. Some of the graphics appear muted and the imagery gets blurred to a degree that is not easy on the eyes. However, the 777 casino game platform is exceptional in its execution of a secure and safe betting online casino game site.

Various Gaming Licenses

777 casino has the support of a casino online game platform powered by isoftbet. They are a small London based games software developer quickly making a name for themselves within the industry. Providing their games platforms to other online casino sites such as Leo Vegas and Paddy Power. Currently, isoftbet has gaming licenses in the UK, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and most recently Romania. 777 casino offer a huge number of games for you to sink your hungry teeth into from their catalogue, you can play slots online, jackpots, live and video table games. They offer a world of online casino game fun, although we were disappointed that they did not propose any free slot machine games to try out. Clicking on one of the casino slots games regrettably only takes you to the sign-in page.

Easy Navigation

As you scroll down this online casino landing page, it is neatly segmented into six sections. These are also visibly available to explore at the top of the page in a static bar, which includes an extra tab for VIP’s, and you can also log in or sign up from here. The landing page is very easy to navigate, especially with the addition of the six static dots on the right-hand side. These navigate you to each of the segments in turn, but each one contains graphic elements that made onlinecaisnomonsters.com want to grumble, just a little bit! For example, the first section at this casino online landing page, which advertises their welcome casino bonus, was very distracting. The images in the foreground were not very clean and crisp, which did not make sense with the blurred image of the Las Vegas skyline off in the distance. These issues and the fact that some of the Americana imagery seem to be just thrown in for good measure slightly degrades the feel and impact we think it could have. It is a crazy shame because to all intents and purposes 777 is a very credible casino game site.

Promotions and bonuses

This casino online offers a great number of Hot Promotions for both new and existing customers. Daily delights, not one, but two welcome casino bonuses of enormous generosity and free spins every day! Onlinecasinomonsters.com was slightly bewildered that they do not offer free spins no deposit required on registration or some online casino no deposit bonus when you sign up. They do offer huge progressive jackpot games for you to indulge in, though, and 777 has an about page that is quite informative and well written.

When you hit the bottom of 777 casino online landing page, there are further links to other areas of this very safe to play, fair betting and responsible gaming site. Help is available 24/7 via phone or email, and you can expect a response within 24hrs. Onlinecaisnomonsters.com was again confused as to why they do not have a live chat response team available, but the service they do have is informative, friendly and easy to use.

Play Now

Everything at 777 casino points towards you signing up, so when you click the play now button it immediately takes you to the sign in and sign up page. It is an easy process to sign up for this online casino and once you have gone through a few simple steps you enter your account page. The accounts page is where you can make your casino deposits, withdrawals, set betting limits, and you can also verify your account here. Onlinecasinomonsters.com advises that you always do this for any casino game platform you want to join. It helps to ensure a secure and safe betting experience, and it will prevent any delays when you request a withdrawal.

Our Honest Opinion

Onlinecasinomonsters.com rates itself on its honesty, it’s integral to us, and we have to say we found the account page gave us a bit of a headache. This was for two main reasons; firstly we thought 777 casino uses too many fonts which stop the page from flowing naturally. Secondly, it was not as easy to navigate as the rest of the online casino game site; these elements frustrated us. The disharmony between the typefaces on the ‘Top Games’ menu and the use of white for some of the text detracts the eye from a neat little tool. We also have issues with the welcome casino bonus banner they are using. It uses the same blurred imagery we see on the landing page and as we have already mentioned we do not like this effect!

Transparent and Informative

One of the main issues we had with the account page was that there was no clear button to press to take you back to the landing page. If there is, we certainly did not find it!? What it needs is a drop down bar, side menu or the same static menu that appears on the other pages to guide you around, to take you to the rest of the casino online site. We eventually discovered some understated buttons in the top right corner that can help you do this, and when you click on the help button, you are taken to an adapted version of the landing page. It is not made simple for you, though, with the miss mash of graphics and fonts on display to be brutally honest it is not the best experience we have had at a casino online. However, it may just not suit our tastes and could most definitely be the casino game site for you. 777 casino supply you with all the necessary information, in a digestible manner, it is compact, transparent, easy to consume and well worth reading. Onlinecasinomonsters.com wants you to have the best casino online game experience you can. We cannot stress enough how important it is to know your online casino, what they stand for and if they have your best interests in mind. It is the surest way to ensure you have a secure and safe betting experience at any casino online you choose.

What we liked about the accounts page was their link in the top right corner to their responsible gambling information. When you press the small 18+ button, you are taken to a page with an extensive amount of information and links to other sources. It is so important to know your limits and how to control them, 777 casino arms you with all the tools to do this and more!

Casino Games

For a smaller online casino site, 777 casino game platform is filled to the brim with over 200 instant play game choices for you to indulge in. The page layout is very simplistic, and the use of Americana style imagery for the different game tabs is pleasant, but the background layers give the impression you are sitting in a diner, not at casino table! Under each of the images they have a selection of games to tempt you from each category, they also provide links to the other casino game areas. There are four main areas to explore on the Casino games page, slots & Jackpots, Roulette, Live Casino and Card Games.

They have a healthy range of both video and classic slots to choose. Huge progressive jackpots to play for like Millionaire Genie, as well as free spins and cash bonuses to win daily. Classic titles are available such as Starburst, Nightmare on Elm Street and Treasure Island; you can choose between both three reel and five reel, action. All of the slot games use an RNG (Random Number Generator at 777 casino and they are independently tested to be random and fair on a regular basis. We were happy to find links to the reports by the independent auditors on this casino game sites RNG and payout percentages.

777 casino online also offers a healthy amount of online casino table games for you to have fun at. You can play their many versions of Roulette, such as Low Stake Roulette, French, European and American, on top of Triple Card Poker, Baccarat, Multi-hand and American Blackjack. This online casino game platform also supports a Live Casino lounge, with further live versions of poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat to play. Playing your favourite casino online table game, while having a friendly conversation with a live dealer, makes playing their live casino game site a real pleasure.

777 instant play online casino game platform transcends very well to your mobile device of choice. Playing mobile casino is becoming increasingly more popular, for casino online sites to be current, the ability to play them anywhere and everywhere has become hugely important to their success. 777 and their creators 888 Holdings Ltd have created a casino online games site that transcends very well from the desktop to mobile casino platform. You can play most of the same great games, sign up for your welcome casino bonus, win cash rewards and free spins. As well as play for the super jackpots and progressive jackpots they have on offer.

This online casino may have a smaller than average game selection, but what it does have is some of the best games there are to offer, covering all casino game tastes. As they are still a relatively young site, we expect that the choices they have will only increase. There is room for expansion, mostly as live sportsbook betting has been introduced by many of the new and existing casino online platforms.


On 777 promotions page you have six different categories advertising the offers they have to entice people to play at this casino game site.

For new players, the online casino offers not one, but two welcome casino bonuses. Firstly, they offer 100% cash bonus on first deposits made up to the amount of £200. Secondly, they have another welcome bonus that will give you up £1500 on your first five deposits. 777 offers a lot of information on their wagering requirements; you must always read these to ensure you know the betting requirements for your casino bonuses. We can confirm that the current requirements for this casino online are 30 x your initial deposit bonus.

Every day is a rewarding day at 777 casino game platform, as they offer ‘Daily Delights’ for you to enjoy. Win a mystery free play bonus every Tuesday; Time Travel Thursdays offer up to £97 in cash bonuses and Sundays are the day to check if you have won a free play surprise. Free spins, rewards and cash bonuses galore are to be played for and won!

Their Live Casino tab has two great offers, hit the 777 live Blackjack Jackpot and double your winnings every day. Play live Roulette and every time the Roulette wheel hits 7, receive a £77 bonus.

They have a ‘Hot Promotions’ tab where you can get a guaranteed free spin every day and you can win up to £7500 free play for the month of July. On top of this, they offer a reward points system, whenever you make a wager at 777 casino online you receive reward points. These points are then exchanged for free cash for you to play with.

As 777 is a part of the 888.com group, they give you access to their exclusive ‘888 VIP Casino Club’. Sign up here using the tab provided, win more free spin action, exclusive rewards, promotions and get rewarded for your loyalty to this site!


Continuing with the 1950’s Americana theme the Jackpots page has been created around the idea of a jukebox. Again onlinecasinomonsters.com is not sure what this has directly to do with casinos, none the less it is quite cleverly executed.

At the top of the page, there is a scrolling bar of the latest winners and they provide some general information about jackpots. Underneath this and as you scroll down you find all the jackpot games at this casino online displayed on vinyl records, a very creative touch by the designers. Titles like Ultimate Universe, Treasure Fair and Saved by the Bell are available to play. Let us not forget the rewards and free spins you will win as you are playing for that jackpot glory.

The jackpot page is very easy to navigate and offers links to all other areas of the site. We recommend taking the time to explore the wealth of clear and transparent online casino information provided by them.


Onlinecasinomonsters.com has already mentioned that we found this page to be our favourite, among the many this casino game platform has on display. Welcome to the lobby, where all your casino online banking needs are taken care of, with its high-quality graphic design and layout. Here you will find the three tabs you can click on for Depositing, Withdrawals and Bonus policy. There are nine different areas to explore, neatly displayed in square tabs for you to navigate and click on, in the depositing section and 5 in the withdrawals. Everything is vibrant, clean and crisp; 777 casino game platform is paying its customers an excellent service with this page.

It is buzzing with information that has been well presented and is easy to the eye. The static menu navigation bar at the top of the page, overall layout and design make this page very dynamic and straightforward to use.

Each of the areas you visit through a square, tie in very nicely and the graphics transfer seamlessly as you explore. When you enter the ‘How to Deposit’ tab, you are met with an easy to read a breakdown of the 777 casino online depositing methods and rules. Very well written, easily digestible, a casino game platform which is transparent and direct in how it presents itself.

Click on the ‘Excepted Payment Methods’ tab and everything you need to know plus a great little chart is plainly presented to you. ‘Deposit Limits’ has a list of methods you can use and the minimum deposit amounts you have to make for each. As well as info on betting limits and how to increase them if you want. To increase the betting limits on your account, you need to request this through the online casino site; they will look into your account usage and advise you of the best way forward.

‘Can’t see your Deposit’ is full of general info on how and when you should receive a deposit you have made into your account. If it is not there, why it may not be and what to do if it is still not there after you have followed their advice. They cover all basis with the amount and presentation of information they use, to make your online casino game experience as hassle free as possible.

Hit the ‘Money Transfer’ button and you arrive on a page that invites you to verify your account and gives you a detailed breakdown of 777 casino online Terms and Conditions. They have a button for ‘QIWI Visa Virtual’ this introduces you to one of the newest ways to pay and play. A virtual Visa card you can deposit money too, which will, in turn, send you virtual card data to your mobile phone, that you can use to make a deposit then. They are way ahead of the curve of many other online casino game platforms that do not offer this facility yet.

You can make a ‘Quick Deposit’ click on the tab and you can fund your account by using the last approved payment method. Unfortunately, you are unable to do this with all payment methods. Onlinecasinomonsters.com recommends you check out the list they provide, so you know which ones you can use for this function. They have a whole page dedicated to ‘Deposit Processing Time Frames’, with an extensive list of payment methods and time frames for them to appear in your 777 casino online account. There is also detailed information on their transaction process in the ‘Who’s Cassava Enterprise’ tab. They are the company providing the secure transaction processing of your funds for this fair and safe betting casino game site. Using the latest in SSL encryption technology, you can entrust your personal and financial information is protected from fraud.

In the withdrawals section, the 1st button, ‘Reversing Your Withdrawal’ allows you to cancel a withdrawal you have made within the first three days of making the request. 777 casino online gives you detailed information on how to do this, literally a step by step guide, which is very impressive. The ‘Withdrawal Payment time frames’ tab takes you to a page with a table of methods and the time it should take for a request using the method, to reach you. We have to say we were concerned by the length of time some of them were, we thought ‘maybe this online casino is just playing it safe’? Any feedback from you guys on this would be much appreciated as we have not yet made a withdrawal and would not be able to check all the methods available!!

‘How to Withdraw’ is again a very detailed page of information and instructions, with links and important must read material on bonuses and time periods. The last tab is the ‘Verify Now’, it is imperative you verify your account with every casino online game site you choose. Onlinecasinomonsters.com wants to be sure you have a safe betting and secure time playing your favourite casino games!

Let us not forget that there is also an enormous amount of information regarding 777 casino wagering terms on bonuses. When you click on the ‘Bonus Policy’ tab, a comprehensive and easily digestible bank of information is available. They give you everything you need to know to help have a real understanding of how their wagering requirements work.

We have never visited a casino online site that has given so much in the way of transparent and clear information. Not only that but 777.com have presented it in such a way it entices you to go in and have a read. Well done them, they certainly deserve a pat on the back for a job well done here!

Live Casino

When you enter 777 live casino platform you are have five different live table game options to choose from, Blackjack, 3 Card Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and Casino Hold’em. You also get to ‘Meet the Dealers’, all hot, pretty people, waiting to take your bets! The page includes the promotions for their live Blackjack and Roulette casino game tables. 777 offers promotions and rewards in every area of its casino online and their live casino online lounge is no different.

Overall the page is very nicely presented, but we did not feel like we were in a live casino lounge. The graphics were very basic and lacklustre; this is an area of 777.com casino online that needs work to be enticing enough for you to play! This part of our experience with them seemed the most unfinished and was not up to a standard we appreciated. However, the games themselves are great fun and 777 casinos payouts on tables is within industry standards.


The VIP tab on the 777.com site takes you to 888 Holdings Ltd, 888 VIP Casino Club. If you are a loyal player to this casino online site by joining their VIP circle, you will get rewarded in some ways.

Exclusive, rewards, promotions, free spins, a top class customer service team, VIP events for you to attend, maximised bonuses and special offers.

Different buttons here navigate you around their VIP arena, click on promotions and you could benefit from £4000 surprise free play bonus. There is the ‘Daily Lucky 8’ and ‘Daily 888 VIP bonus’ to make the most of, as well as, trips to Las Vegas, stays at Ice Hotels and tickets to popular music events. They offer an extensive VIP package, and if you are already a fan and playing at 888.com online casino, then it would make perfect sense to join up. Especially if you try out 777 and love it here too!


777 has been an up and down experience for onlinecasinomonsters.com. We can honestly say we had a great time playing their casino games, earning rewards, winning free spins and cash bonuses. They have an incredibly secure and safe betting site for you to indulge in and they are totally transparent and very clear with their terms and conditions. We were well impressed with the detail they went into on banking. They truly left no stone unturned and guided you through the whole process effortlessly on their banking pages.

It is a great shame then that other areas of the casino game platform lacked the same effort and degree of detail. For onlinecasinomonsters.com it has come down to the graphics and how the interface plays into their theme. It does not work for us, although we think it is a fantastic concept, for our tastes it has not been executed well enough to have a real impact. Frankly, the overall impact we get is subdued and inconsistent, which detracts from what otherwise is a great little online casino experience! They tick many of the most important boxes and have all areas of casino online covered. We hope that 777 continues to grow and develop, it has all the potential of being an excellent casino online!

This online casino offers great welcome casino bonuses; they are very generous to their new customers. The fact that 777 did not have any, no deposit bonus on registration or free spins with any part of the welcome bonus or sign up was disappointing. However, there are an incredible amount of daily promotions, free spins, and casino rewards to be won

777.com are a tremendously generous online casino game site, not only do they have many promotions and rewards, they also have an enormous amount of helpful information available for you to peruse. They have dedicated areas for gambling responsible, fair and safe betting, where you can gain all the insight you to need to have an excellent casino online game experience.

Despite 777 graphical misgivings, you can honestly have a very secure and exciting time, playing on their slots or at their tables. Yes, the site could do with tweaking in our eyes, but it is still functional and has all the necessary components to become an all-around incredibly decent casino online to play!

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