Rival Casinos

Rival casinos

Rival is a developer and provider of online casino software as well as gaming machines for land based casinos. They are credited with working closely with all their casino partners to offer the best possible services and ensure their game offerings are introduced into the market effectively.

Having been launched in 2006, there’s surprisingly little available about Rival. What can be said though is that today they operate in over 50 casinos worldwide.

The philosophy at Rival is to provide games that people will love to play. They also strive to provide the necessary support and services to get their products into the market effectively.

Rival Casino Software Services

The Casino Controller platform also contains a system called ClassAct. While casino operators can normally set bonus promotions for players through a system like this, normally it has to be done manually. Using ClassAct, the casino may set up rules for the system to follow and automatically offer those promotions to players who fit the criteria.

Other services on offer at Rival include their turnkey licensing services. This service bundle contains everything a new casino requires to get their feet planted in the industry. They then also provide games for online casinos or gaming machines for land based casinos.

Some recent developments at Rival include the overhauling of some of their older games. Rival has chosen some of the most popular games of their more dated collection and their team is currently giving these games a fresher look. They also showcased their new live chat function at ICE 2014 which will be available in their game lobbies.

To further ensure maximum compatibility, Rival uses a range of programming languages to create their games. These include Javascript, PHP, Flash and AS3. They also offer a fantastic backend platform for their operators called Casino Controller. This software allows casinos to monitor player activity and pull various statistics and reports, provide various customized offers and it also increases security.

Furthermore, the cashier system from Rival is considered to be one of the very best. While this is generally a system that is easily overlooked, a cashier system can make for a terrible gaming experience when it doesn’t work as needed. The cashier system from Rival however, takes ease of use and convenience to another level.

Users who log into their accounts and view the cashier will instantly see which special promotions are currently available. To claim those promotions, they will simply need to highlight the relevant one and select “Claim this promotion”. An additional feature available here is to reverse a withdrawal that was recently made and have it count as a new deposit. This allows players to claim further bonuses where deposits are required.

Rival Games and Features

Rival currently boasts a gaming library of over 160 titles with new once being released at regular intervals.

Their games are available for download to desktop but also to play instantly online. Using the instant play functionality adds so much convenience to both players and casino operators. First this allows players to find a game and start playing immediately without having to wait for a lengthy download to complete. It also provides a lot of compatibility in that the technology used to design the games make them playable on all major browsers and mobile devices.

The very first i-Slot creation from Rival is Reel Crime: Bank Heist, and is still one of their most popular game offerings today. The symbols in the game include famous pieces of art from various well known artists. The more expensive those creations are in real life, the more valuable they’ll be in the game.

The one and only, Mona Lisa is also included in the game and will provide more than just her beauty. Players need to beware though because there are other symbols in the game that look to steal these fabulous pieces and rob the players of their winnings.

Rival’s only focus at the moment is on creating the most innovative and entertaining slot games. Their i-Slots are a testament to how far their dedication goes. This does mean that they don’t currently offer any other game categories such as table games. However, their backend server software does allow for the implementation of other games from third party developers.