Novomatic Casinos

Novomatic started life as a simple producer and supplier of casino gaming equipment but has since grown to own and operate their own online and land based casinos as well as sports betting establishments. Novomatic is responsible for creating some of the most popular casino games found anywhere in the world which is how they managed to grow to a multi-billion dollar company in the past three decades.

Just to put things into perspective, here are some numbers and statistics surrounding Novomatic.

  • They employ over 24 000 people
  • They own 1600 gaming locations around the world
  • They have subsidiaries in 50 countries
  • They still export top of the line gaming equipment to operators in over 80 states
  • They currently own and operate 23 500 gaming terminals throughout their various partners
  • They made a whopping $3.9 billion in revenue during 2015

Novomatic has certainly become a household name in the iGaming industry and to help them reach even greater heights they’ve even managed to obtain the racing legend Niki Lauda to be their new brand ambassador.

novomatic casinos

Novomatic History

Novomatic has a rich history filled with notable milestones and achievements. A quick look at their website will overwhelm anyone with just how much they’ve managed to accomplish during their time. While there is way too much to mention in one article, here is a breakdown of how things have been going at Novomatic.

1980 saw the birth of the gaming giant we now know as Novomatic. A short year after inception they already expanded across Europe to countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands and in 1988 expanded to a second continent when they started operating in South Africa. In 1990 they launched one of their most iconic games named American Poker II which gained unprecedented popularity and is today known only as “The Legend”. 1991 saw Novomatic opening a new casino in the Czech Republic which at that point was the largest land-based casino in the entire country. Two years later they expanded once more and players could now enjoy their offerings as far as Estonia, Poland, Norway, Botswana, Latvia and Namibia.

In 1995 they finally obtained a foothold in North America when they managed to be licensed in Canada, expanding their influence across a third continent. In 2000 they opened a casino at the Frankfurt Airport, the very first airport-based casino in Germany. During the same year, they expanded to a fourth continent and was now operating in Peru. In 2001 they managed to break through into Great Britain and in 2004 they expanded to Budapest in Hungary, they also took ownership of Astra Games in the UK during this year. 2005 was a huge year for them as they finally breached the €1 billion annual turnover mark. It was also the year they were named the most dynamic company in Austria.

In 2006 they expanded once again when they managed to acquire a license to operate in Chile and just a year later their previous profit records were left in the dust as their annual turnover exceeded €2 billion for the first time. In the following years, they receive numerous awards including the Austrian Export Trade Award and Best Table Game Product or Innovation. They also celebrated exceeding an annual turnover of €3 billion and was able to expand even further to Israel, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala.

Novomatic Games, Features and Services

lucky ladys charm deluxe 6 slot

Novomatic still spends a lot of effort filling the floor space in land-based casinos but their online gaming catalogues have increased exponentially. You can also find online casinos with Novomatic games. They currently hold numerous slot game titles and have also developed a good number of skill-based games, card games and table games. They’ve also started to put some emphasis on having their gaming titles available on mobile although this is still a fairly new development and thus not many of their titles have made the migration to mobile platforms. They’ve created several slot games that became so popular that they created deluxe versions of those games to enhance their gaming experience. These video slots include Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Lucky Lady’s Charm and Dolphin’s Pearl.

One reason why their games have been so successful in the past is due to the development of a number of gaming platforms that accommodate a whole list of their games and comes with their own range of features and benefits. The first platform to mention is CoolFire I+, which is an ideal platform for operators seeking a cost-effective solution for their games. This platform is compatible with a great number of Novomatic’s gaming titles and also offers ease of use and enhanced graphics. CoolFire II-S functions on the same principles as its predecessor while offering enhanced security functions.

Further gaming platforms include Novoline Interactive, Novo Unity II and Impera, each of which supports a good number of games and offers fantastic features to the operators to provide a better gaming experience for the end user.