NextGen Casinos

NextGen Gaming is one of the most reputable and respected online casino software providers in the world. They’ve gained a stellar reputation throughout the years not only by providing top quality games but games that tend to remain popular for extended periods of time to ensure they keep drawing players back and that casino operators can keep using them as a reliable source of income. NextGen holds their integrity as paramount and it’s because of this reason that they will never release a game that does not meet their strict quality requirements, they also work with their operators to provide personalized service and support in all areas.

NextGen Gaming forms part of the NYX Group which includes a great number of professionals from various backgrounds. This adds to the diversity of their products by enabling input from so many different sources. NextGen has used age old gaming mechanics to bring to life fantastic games that players feel comfortable diving into but they also believe in innovation and have to date introduced a number of new gameplay mechanics that make their games stand out above the competition.

Creativity however, is only as good as the structure it’s built on. NextGen Gaming is dedicated not only to providing high end creativity in their products but also to meet deadlines and deliver their products on time. To work towards this end NextGen Gaming has various teams such as design teams and product teams who have their own sets of responsibilities to ensure games are developed in a timely manner and that they become an asset to their library. This has earned them a reputation for being reliable and punctual, one of the many reasons why their operators continue to utilize their services.

NextGen is flexible in how their operators may utilize their products. As such they don’t push any rules or limits on their operators in terms of the bonuses and special offers that may be included with their games. Instead the casino operators are free to set these offers themselves in a way that best relates to their players.

NextGen Games, Features and Services

green lantern slots

NextGen Gaming has been around for coming up to 2 decades now and during that time they’ve managed to see what they need to do for their products to remain attractive to end users and have adapt to the market trends accordingly. This is evident in the various themes offered by their games such as the new DC Comics slot series which capitalizes on the latest superhero fad that’s taken the cinematic world by storm through so many films and series. In this series players will find fan favourite slot games such as Flash, the Green Lantern and Batman. These games are not just a great theme though, they also offer fantastic gameplay and some of them have recently receive a makeover to improve on the graphics quality which makes them a great attraction, even for those who are not fans of the theme.

Convenience is a key aspect of gaming as those who enjoy games generally do so to unwind after a long, stressful day. To add to convenience, NextGen Gaming has built their online games using Flash and HTML5 to ensure they are available to play instantly online instead of players having to download the content of the game first. The technologies used also makes compatibility that much wider and as such their games should work perfectly in all major browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple’s Safari, it also makes their games that much easier to port to mobile platforms. The reason why some providers allow a download option for games is because instant play games have a tendency to be of lesser quality but as we’ve mentioned NextGen is known for the impeccable quality of their games.

Among the great list of games from NextGen Gaming, they’ve also introduced some great innovations as gaming features as can be seen below. Superbet is an optional feature in some of their games that allows the player to unlock certain features during the base gameplay simply by adding an additional amount to each bet.

Select-A-Play is a gameplay feature where players don’t just unlock a specific bonus round but can rather customize their bonuses to suit their play styles. An example of this includes being offered a high number of free spins with a low payout multiplier or rather opting for a low number of spins with a high multiplier.

Up Wild is a feature that sees wild symbols moving up the reels randomly during spins. When this happens, all the symbols in their trails are turned wild which can make for some exciting spins and high winnings.

Slide a Wild is another unique feature which gives players freedom in where certain symbols are placed after a spin.