Non UK Casino 2021

A too rigid policy on gambling in the UK has made way for a considerable amount of people enjoying non UK casino sites.

The UK’s longstanding fascination with gambling has resulted in a society where gambling in Britain is highly regulated, using some of the strictest measures in the world. This brings with it a high level of security, but some would argue that comes at a cost. Many of the industry’s most attractive and entertaining innovations are taking place at sites which do not have to adhere to the restrictions imposed on operators by the United Kingdom Gambling Commision (UKGC).

Read more to find out more about why non UK licensed casinos and non UK registered gambling sites may be the best choice for your next flutter!

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Best Non UK Licensed Casinos (April 2021)

400% bonus 1200 euro
5.0 rating
200% bonus 1000 euro
5.0 rating
300% bonus 1000 euro
5.0 rating
400% bonus 2000 euro
5.0 rating
400% bonus 1000 euro
5.0 rating
€2000 bonus 200%
4.8 rating
£1000 bonus 150%
4.8 rating
£1500 bonus 180%
4.8 rating

Non UK Casinos – Brief Guide

Number of Non-UK Casinos (2021)+50
Top Favorite Casino ChoiceFortune Clock
No GamstopYES
Payment MethodsCredit Card, E-Wallets, Bank, Crypto currencies
Withdrawal times5 – 15 minutes
Bonuses100 – 500%, Cashback, Freespins
LicensesCuraçao, Panama, Dubai

What are Non UK Casino Sites?

So why did non UK casinos sites come above? For those who enjoy gambling, the explosion of online consumtion options is giving everyone UK citizen the opportunity to find the experience that’s just right for them. And that means that just because you’re in the UK, a UK-based casino may not have everything you’re looking for.

non UK gambling sites

Some of the reasons players are flocking to non UK casino sites include:

  • the ability to register and play anonymously, as well as fund your account anonymously using cryptocurrencies
  • a greater choice of games, from reputable providers that do not service UK operators
  • fewer verification steps when registering, depositing or withdrawing, making for faster access to your winnings and your favourite games
  • more players, drawing from a worldwide pool, meaning bigger potential prize pools and bonuses
  • fewer overheads (such as expensive high street stores or pricey marketing campaigns), allowing for more money to be returned to players through bonuses and promotions

There are advantages to using a UKGC-licensed casino, such as increased security and the guarantee that winnings will be tax-free, but many players enjoy having the option to shop around and make their own decisions.

Top Non UK Registered Casinos – How We Rate Them

We stake our reputation on only recommending the best non UK registered casino sites to our readers. We know what’s important to players in the UK, and focus on making sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your next bet or gaming session.

When evaluating each site, it’s important to bear the following in mind:

  • Security

The UKGC is only one of many regulatory bodies around the world, and you’ll find many non UK casino sites – as well as non UK sports betting or gaming sites – that are fully licensed from another international regulator. We would always recommend using a licensed operator, but be open-minded about where that operator is based. Malta and Curacao, for example, have long traditions of efficiently regulating the gaming industry, and their regulators should be taken seriously.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals

Playing or gambling with real money is only possible if you can make a deposit, and no one wants to be waiting around for lengthy checks and processes to be completed. The UKGC has some of the world’s most stringent measures in place, and has been accused in the past of going overboard with checks for new players and/or delays to deposits or withdrawals. Other regulators have fewer regulations, which often translates to fewer delays when collecting your winnings or waiting to play.

  • Reputation

In today’s online world, scams and frauds have nowhere to hide. Review sites like this one, as well as trust and reputation aggregators like TrustPilot, Yelp and the like make it easier than ever to find out if a site is all it claims to be. Any site we recommend is thoroughly checked, using real testimony from users like yourself, to make sure it’s all on the up and up. Any site refusing to pay winnings or withholding player funds without reason would soon be found out, and lose all its players, reputation and business as a result.

Non UK casinos - rating

Non UK Gambling Sites and Their Products

In this article we refer to ‘non UK casino sites’ as well as ‘non UK gambling sites’. ‘Aren’t they the same thing?’, you may be asking.

The fact is, there are numerous different types of sites offering fun and safe gambling products. Check out the following for more details (you’ll often find sites will offer more than one of the following):

Casino and Slots

No visit to a real world casino would be complete without checking out the banks of ringing, sparkling slot machines. A fan favourite in Vegas and other gambling centres around the world, slots offer fast gameplay and the possibility of turning small change into big money with every spin.

All slots sites should offer free play as well as real money play, giving you the chance to try out different slots before deciding which to play for real. And it’s worth giving them a try, because slots can differ greatly from one to another. Whether it’s the number of ‘lines’ you can play at once (i.e. possibilities to win), options for auto-play or auto-stop, or the fascinating and varied bonus rounds that many slots feature, no two slot games are truly the same!


Almost uniquely among casino games, poker pits players against one another rather than ‘the house’. As a result, you don’t need to be the best player at the table to become a big winner – you just need to not be the worst!

Most poker sites offer regular cash games, as well as tournaments that can feature large guaranteed prize pools, giving players the chance to win a large amount for a relatively small outlay. As with other gambling sites, make sure to find out what bonuses are available when you first sign up, as that is when they’re likely to make you the best offers.


Do you know your Arsenal from your El Classico? If you’re a punter from the UK, odds are you do! Sports betting is almost a way of life in the UK, with bookmakers on almost every high street and a wide range of online options. While UK sites offer comprehensive markets on UK-focused sports and events, you’re sure to find non UK betting sites that offer novel opportunities you wouldn’t find closer to home.

One small thing to consider is how different sites represent odds: some will default to ‘fractional odds’, as traditionally used in the UK, while others will use ‘decimal odds’. One isn’t better or worse than the other, it’s just how they’re displayed, but if you’re not familiar then it’s worth a quick search online to get up to speed.


The game of bingo has blown up online in recent years, as more and more people take part in this fun, social game on their computers, phones and tablets. Winning at bingo is less about skill than luck and concentration, but if you have the latter then you’re always in with a shout!

Bingo sites are constantly innovating to bring the game to audiences in new and exciting ways, so if you’re a bingo fan it’s well worth shopping around to find a game and format that floats your boat.


It used to be the case that if you wanted to play the US Powerball, for example, you needed to be actually in America to buy the ticket. Advances in technology now mean that players in the UK are able to take part in dozens of different lotteries, like this one, from all over the world.

While lotteries may seem straightforward to casual players, there’s actually a great deal of variety to be found in the way these different lotteries play out. And it’s worth noting that very few other gambling opportunities anywhere in the world have the potential for such enormous payouts!

Live Casino Non UK Casino

Critics of online gaming may point to how they miss the human interaction of a real world casino. Playing at a roulette table with a real croupier, they’ll argue, is a whole different ball game than playing on-screen.

In one way, they’re right: a graphical interface may make the game faster to play and simpler to follow, but there isn’t the human contact there which a croupier brings to the game. That’s why online live casino games were created!

Filmed in a TV studio using real casino equipment, real croupiers and real dealers, live casino games bring the thrill and buzz of real world casinos right to you, wherever you are. Many sites allow players to interact with each other while they play, as well as the dealer in the box, which brings a fun social component to any game.

Players are still able to use a simple graphical interface to make their bets online, but once they do they are able to see the action play out in front of their very eyes: whether it’s the dealer turning the next card or the ball falling into a pocket on the roulette wheel, players are able to intimately follow the action in real time. Bear in mind that each hand or spin is likely to take a little longer, and you may find the limits for live casino games are slightly higher.

UK players looking for live casino games at non UK casino sites should first check the language in which the games are being played: the social aspect is likely to get a little lost if you can’t speak the same language as the dealer!

Payment Methods on Non-UK Casinos

One advantage of using non UK licensed casino and gaming sites is the anonymity it’s possible to enjoy. Where UKGC-regulated operators take pains to make sure you fill in numerous forms, sometimes even requiring you to provide photo ID and other potentially sensitive personal data, non UK gambling sites will rarely go to such lengths.

Similarly, you should use anonymous and protected payment methods to fund your accounts.

Funding your Account with Cryptocurrencies

More and more operators are accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a payment method for online gaming accounts. These have the advantage or maintaining absolute anonymity, although you will rarely find games that accept wagers in cryptocurrency: your deposit will need to be converted into local currency (often Euro) before you can use it to gamble or play.

Funding your Account using Vouchers/Prepaid Cards

Payment methods such as Ukash and the like allow users to purchase prepaid gift cards or vouchers, with which they fund their accounts directly. This has the advantage of maintaining your anonymity, as well as guaranteeing your deposit: the card or vouchers have already been paid for, so there should be no delay or issue in the operator accepting the funds.

Funding your Account using an eWallet

Internet users in the UK are likely to be familiar with PayPal, an intermediary eWallet which can be easily linked to a bank account – or funded independently – to create a useful online payment method with increased security. Well known alternatives to PayPal such as

Skrill, Neteller and Entropay perform exactly the same function, are highly secure, and widely accepted across many non UK casino sites.

Paymet methods on non UK casinos

Non UK Casino with No Deposit Bonus & Free Spins

Most online gaming sites and casinos in the UK will offer some kind of incentive to new players, such as a match-deposit bonus or free spins on various slots.

Many of them, however, will have playthrough requirements on bonus funds (meaning all bonuses must be wagered in full, or even multiple times, before they can be withdrawn as real money). Others may require large deposits to qualify for bonuses, or offer bonuses that seem much too small considering the amount required to deposit. Others still may request a membership fee to join.

Reasons for this vary; some well known sites will operate hundreds of high street stores, with all the associated costs and overheads that involves, and so will pass along some of that cost to their users. Playthrough requirements on bonuses, and even deposited funds, exist due to strict UKGC regulations designed to combat money laundering and fraud. But to the average Joe who just wants to play their favourite games or bet on the sports they love, these restrictions can spoil their fun – as well as their bottom line!

The best non UK gambling sites and casinos are free from these restrictions, so you’ll find a lot of attractive offers for new players, including some which don’t even require a deposit! It’s always worth shopping around to make sure you find the best deals, and unlike some services it’s always possible to join up with more than one operator to make the most of multiple new player bonuses!

Always remember, though: the best deals usually get offered to new players, so when you create that new account make sure you stay aware of what you can get, and sign up for emails and offers to ensure you don’t miss out.

Where can you find a non UK regulated Casino?

The fun and appeal of safe gambling is something that has spread far across the world, and like many aspects of modern life online gaming has become a truly ‘global village’! Joining in the fun alongside players and bettors from thousands of miles away can really make you realise why these games and activities are so fun: they have a universal appeal which is hard to deny.

While certain parts of the world do not play host to great non UK casinos and gambling sites – whether due to cultural or religious reasons, or a lack of infrastructure or technology – there are plenty that do. Check them out!

EUROPE offers a plethora of online options for those seeking a fun and safe place to play. Members of the European Union (EU) share gaming laws, and some sites are designed to cater specifically to European players, including many operators which posess UKGC licences in additions to those issued in Malta or elsewhere in Europe.

THE UNITED STATES features sites aimed at English-speaking audiences, so UK players should feel right at home. Not all US sites will accept international players, but those that do will likely offer games from providers that can’t be found anywhere else, so if variety and novelty is your thing, you might want to (virtually) head over the pond for your next online flutter!

ASIA is a continent that plays home to some incredibly exciting gambling destinations, such as the thrilling city of Macau, as well as many of the world’s most passionate gamblers. As a result there are plenty of Asian sites offering lots of games you’ll recognise and plenty you might not, making for a unique gaming experience.

Non UK Casinos Accepting UK Players

It’s worth noting at this point that the UK’s online casinos are not actually based in the UK, but are usually headquartered somewhere where company tax rates are lower such as the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta or Curacao. So if you’re concerned about playing online at a site that is not truly ‘in the UK’, you should remember that important fact: none of them are actually in the UK!

Not all international non UK casino sites will accept players from the United Kingdom, and among those that do you may find some more appealing that others:

European Union (EU) casinos and sportsbooks offer services to players across the EU, but thanks to the UK’s stricter regulations they are likely to possess a UKGC licence in addition to any other EU licence. One significant draw for players to these sites is the guarantee that in almost all cases, winnings will not be taxed.

When using non-EU casinos and sportsbooks, you should bear in mind that tax may become an issue – an especially bothersome one if you were to hit a big win. If the operator has a UKGC licence in addition to another, e.g. from Curacao, then you will not be eligible to pay tax on winnings, but if it doesn’t you could be in for a visit from the taxman at some point!

It’s rare to find a site based in the United States that accepts players from the UK, and due to the USA’s complicated relationship with gambling it is highly unlikely that any US-based operator would be licensed. Certain states have legalised online gaming, but in each case they must be linked with a real-world casino and use geo-tracking to ensure only players from within the state are able to access the software. We would not recommend using a non-licensed site.

Security and Trust Non UK Casino Sites

As with any online activity, it is up to you to make sure you act responsibly and protect yourself accordingly, whether that means your online account balance, your computer’s security or your personal data.

That’s why a site’s reputation is built not just on the fairness of the game and guaranteed payouts, as essential as they are. It’s important to also check the site’s security protocols in terms of storing customer data, communication with their servers, and how intrusive their software may be to your computer.

A licensed site will be required to meet these requirements as a part of its licensing process, so we recommend always using a licensed site. And while it may be possible to ‘fake’ a licence by simply lying on the site, it’s even easier to check a site’s licence credentials yourself: simply check the licence number on the licensor’s webpage!

You may hear people talk about the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which are tools which make it appear as if you are accessing the internet from another location than where you really are (you may have a friend who uses a VPN to watch streaming TV services from another country, for example). We would never recommend using a VPN to play in a non UK gaming or gambling site – as a clear contravention of the site’s terms and conditions, you could face punitive measures up to and including the forfeiture of your entire balance. Not worth it!

Pro’s and Con’s Non-UK Casinos

So, with all the options available to customers in the UK, why choose to play at a non UK licensed online casino, poker room or sportsbook?

For many, it’s simply about having a greater choice. You may already have accounts with licensed UK casinos, but want to play certain games that aren’t available at those sites. Being able to use cryptocurrencies and anonymous payment methods are also appealing to some players, as are the shorter waits before playing that new customers often experience with non UK sites.

Perhaps you have unwittingly excluded yourself from sites you never even signed up to, using a service such as GamStop, and wish to find a new place to play. Or perhaps you are looking for better promotions, bigger offers and bonuses that are easier to clear.

These are just some of the reasons why players just like you have been flocking to non UK gambling sites in droves. But is it right for you? In reviewing the positives of the non UK casino experience, it’s only fair that we take a look at the other side of the coin too.

UK sites are licensed by the UKGC, which is renowned as one of the strictest and most tightly regulated bodies in the industry. While this can be reflected in some occasionally frustrating checks (and double-checks) when creating an account, adding funds or making a withdrawal, it brings with it a sense of security. Player funds are completely safe – including from a legal standpoint – so you know there’s no way you will lose your funds through no fault of your own. Likewise you can be sure that the game is ‘on the level’ and fully fair (though it’s in the interests of all casino operators to run a fair game).

Additionally, playing in another currency when depositing in GBP will involve some conversion fees, reducing your margins and resulting in (sometimes slightly) less play for your money.

The choice, as always, is yours. But it always pays to be fully informed!

FAQ Non UK Gambling

What is a non UK gambling site?

Simply put, it’s any gambling site – for real money – that does not possess a United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) licence, and operates outside of the UK. Many are available for UK players to use.

What is the difference between a UKGC licence and another gambling license?

All gaming sites should be licensed, but not all need to be licensed by the UKGC. Other regulators, including those based in Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus and elsewhere, ensure online operators under their jurisdiction act as they should.

Different regulators hold their licensees to different standards: the UKGC is known as one of the strictest in the world, while operators licensed in Curacao, for example, may not be held to as high a standard.

What restrictions, if any, do I face as a player in the UK?

Some jurisdictions are closed to international players. For example, French gaming sites are limited to players within France, largely for tax reasons. The USA also has a complicated relationship with online gaming, offering legitimate services only to players in certain states. If in doubt, check the site’s ‘About Us’ or ‘FAQ’ sections.

What are the tax implications when using a non UK site?

If playing on a site outside the EU, you may be liable to pay tax on your winnings. Always check this kind of information with the site before depositing or playing.

Tips and Recommendations

Here are a few tips to remember when playing at non UK gaming sites:

  • Playing any new game for free (e.g. play money) initially, so you can learn how it works before playing for real money.
  • Setting a budget. Don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose.
  • Considering a ‘profit limit’ as well as a ‘loss limit’. Don’t blow that big win thanks to an excess of adrenaline!
  • Never borrowing money to gamble, or gambling with money you don’t have.
  • Being fully aware of all rules and regulations that could affect your results. If there’s small print or rules to be read, read them before you gamble, not after!
  • Checking any new site’s licence information is accurate.
  • Familiarising yourself with a site’s processes for payments, withdrawals and complaint management, before making a deposit.
  • Never gambling under the influence of drink or drugs, when overly tired or feeling emotional. Keep your wits about you!
  • Never chasing your losses.
  • Never attempting to breach a site’s rules, terms or conditions.