Casinos without Swedish License

Since January 2019, there have been many changes to how Swedish online gambling is regulated. These alterations include several restrictions to both providers and players that limit the levels of enjoyment experienced when playing at an online gambling site. As a result, many players are now seeking out casinos without Swedish license (translated from ‘casino utan svensk licens‘) due to their ability to provide similar conditions to what they were offered before these harsher regulations came into existence.

On this page, you will find a list of the best casinos not on Spelinspektionen and an overview of some of the major benefits you will receive by participating at these online gambling sites. Sign up to one of recommended casinos without a Swedish license to enjoy frequent bonus and promotions, uninterrupted gameplay, unlimited deposits, the freedom to wager what you want, and more today! 

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Best Casinos Without Swedish License 2021

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Why Play at Casinos Outside Sweden?

There are many advantages to playing at casinos located outside of Sweden. Many players looking for alternatives to Swedish gambling sites feel like the recent restrictions imposed by the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) have made online casinos less enjoyable. You will find some examples of what non-Swedish casinos can offer you below:

No Self-Exclusions or Play Timers

One of the largest drawbacks to playing at Swedish online casinos is the limitations imposed when playing games. These include spin-timers, caps to how much you can wager, and other restrictions that could influence your gambling experience. Our recommended sites are free from these impediments, allowing you to fully enjoy casinos games they were intended to be appreciated at.

Sweden-based providers are also required to be part of the Spelpaus self-exclusion scheme. This offers Swedish players the ability to register for a country-wide ban from all Swedish-licensed and Spaulpaus participating online casinos. While this is a beneficial tool for individuals requiring assistance with legitimate gambling problems, Non-Swedish casinos do not have access to the Spelpaus program. This allows those in control of their gambling to play at online gambling sites free from a blanket-ban self-exclusion program.   

Larger Selection of Payment Methods

Certain payment methods such as credit cards are not available at casinos regulated in Sweden. Our alternative sites provide a wide selection of banking options for deposits and withdrawals. These payment methods offer convenience, rapid transfer rates, and in some cases anonymity when being used.

It is recommended that you use a payment method that is less traceable or does not require your BankID when using non-Swedish casinos. Cryptocurrencies or e-wallets often fulfill this requirement and offer quick deposit and withdrawal times.

Registration without National ID Number

Signing up to a casino site in Sweden requires players to use their BankID and other e-identification numbers. This method of registration creates a single identification number for players across all gambling sites and can create limitations when attempting to join online casinos. Gambling sites without Swedish licenses do not ask for these credentials, allowing you to use their services without giving out sensitive personal documents.

Frequent Bonuses and Promotions

The Swedish Gambling act of 2019 prevents players located in Sweden from receiving more than a single welcome bonus from any casino site. This includes online casinos that offer multiple brands from the same provider. Non-Swedish casinos can not only offer you welcome bonuses across all their brands, but also frequent promotions and deals during the duration of your play at their sites. This means you can enjoy reloads, deposit matches, loyalty points, and other rewards that will provide you with more value for your deposits. d

Yes, it is completely legal for Swedes to play at casinos located outside Sweden. There is currently no restrictions preventing you from registering with gambling sites operating from other jurisdictions, and players are not punished for doing so.

The legal current legal framework in the Swedish gambling market limits providers without Swedish licenses from advertising to players from Sweden. Should there ever be a legal issue, it is the responsibility of these offshore sites to resolve any conflicts with the Swedish regulating bodies.

All our recommended non-Swedish casinos welcome Swedish players and are familiar with the current legal requirements when doing so.

Casinos without Spelpaus vs. Swedish Licensed Casinos

Many of the regulations put forward by the SGA are meant to create a safe environment for Swedish gamblers. For players searching for online casinos that offer gameplay like what was offered before these restrictions came into play, unlicensed Swedish casinos are an attractive alternative. Below you’ll find the pros and cons of sites not on Spelpaus to help you decide if these sites are right for you:

Advantages of Unlicensed Swedish Casinos

  • Anonymous Registration: Data protection and the safety of personal information has become an important factor to many gamblers when considering using online casinos. Serious gambling sites without a Swedish license will offer you the ability to join without the need to provide sensitive personal information. While some providers may still request some documentation from you, they will ensure all your data is kept safe through the implementation of proper encryption protocols.
  • No limitations to Deposits: There is currently a weekly deposit limitation of SEK 5,000 for all players at Swedish-licensed online casinos. Online gambling sites outside of Sweden do not impose this restriction on their players, allowing you the freedom to deposit as much as you like at their online casinos. 
  • Variety of Games: Due to licensing issues, not every gaming provider will have a presence at Swedish casinos. This means that at non-Swedish casinos, you will find a larger catalogue of games by providers such as Netent and Microgaming that are not normally allowed to offer their games to the Swedish market.

Additionally, different game types can be found at casinos outside Sweden. Some examples include scratch cards, jackpot slots, a variety of table games, and more.

  • Receiving Multiple Bonuses: As previously mentioned, Swedish casinos limit their players to one welcome bonus. Non-Swedish gambling sites on the other hand can offer multiple bonuses, loyalty programs, free spins, player rewards, and other incentives. This means more value for your money and more chances to win at non-Swedish casino sites.
  • Customized Responsible Gaming Tools: An interesting feature at casinos outside Swedish is the ability to personalize the level of restrictions to your online gambling account. Many casinos without a Swedish license give you this freedom through contacting their support staff and having them adjust how your account works. Some popular requests include deposit limits (daily, weekly, monthly), timeout periods, and wagering restrictions. These controls allow you to select safety features that are right for your level of spending and control, rather than having to adhere to blanket levels of restrictions set by the SGA.

Disadvantages of Using Overseas Casinos in Sweden

  • No Access to SpelPaus: Problem gambling is an issue that should always be taken seriously. The SGA has set up SpelPaus as a way to self-exclude yourself from all casinos holding a valid Swedish gambling license. Should you decide to register with a site without a Swedish license, you will be exposing yourself to a casino not registered with Spelpaus. If you are not in control of your gambling, contact the customer support of our recommended sites to ask for a self-exclusion.
  •  May Not Accept SEK: As non-Swedish gambling sites are international companies; they may deal in a different currency from the SEK. Always check the deposit and withdrawal terms and conditions and be prepared to face potential conversion fees when making deposits at foreign online casinos.
  • Limited Customer Support Languages: The best sites not on SpelPaus will employ support staff that speak many languages. However, this might not be the case at every international online casino. English will almost always be spoken at these casinos, so be ready to deal with staff in another language in advance.
  • Different Payment Methods: While casinos outside of Sweden can offer different payment methods like credit cards and cryptocurrencies, they may not offer popular Swedish payment methods. Trustly and Swish are to examples of deposit and withdraw methods you might not find at non-Swedish casinos. Be sure to check deposit and withdrawal sections of our recommended sites to familiarize yourself with what banking method are available.
  • Dispute Resolution: One of the main benefits of playing at a Swedish online casino is having the SGA to assist with dispute resolution. Casinos without Swedish licenses are regulated by other gambling authorities, such as the government of Curacao, and therefor the process for resolving conflicts between a gambling provider and player will be slightly different. Be sure to always check what licensing is available at a non-Swedish casino before registration to familiarize yourself with who to contact should an issue arise.  

Alternative Self-Exclusion Schemes and Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is an issue that should always be taken seriously when considering casinos without Swedish licenses. The SpelPaus program was instituted to ensure individuals that did not have control of their gambling tendencies were able to get the assistance they need. International online casinos also offer a variety of assistance for problem gamblers, some of which will be covered below:

The GamStop Exclusion Scheme

Much like SpelPaus, players in the United Kingdom have the option of signing up to the GamStop self-exclusion program. This third-party organization has a database of application that they provide any casinos holding a UK license will receive and automatically update on their self-exclusion list. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulates all UK-licensed casinos, which also ensure their online casinos adhere to a strict set of laws. Non-GamStop casinos, like those regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority or the SGA will not have access to this database and therefore not automatically exclude those registered with the program.

Third-Party Programs Like GamBan

Frequently referred to as GamBan Blocker, this software can be installed on your computer to block access to popular gambling sites. You can easily install and remove this ad-on to your browser of choice, or simply uninstall the software from your computer when you feel you are once again in control of your gambling tendencies. There are some sites not on GamBan, so the system isn’t 100% flawless.

Directly Contacting Customer Support

For many casinos without Swedish a license, customer support is your first line of defense against problem gambling. Simply contact them directly through phone, live chat, or email, and they will apply whatever restrictions you require on your account. This includes a self-exclusion period which can range from as little as 3 months to up to a permanent ban. It is worth noting that you can sometimes reverse the “permanent” ban after a period of two years with some providers.

FAQ Unlicensed Swedish Casinos

Are casinos without a Swedish license safe for Swedish Players?

Yes, casinos outside of Sweden are safe for you to play at. There are certain criteria, such as reputation, online reviews, and if they hold some form of valid licensing that you want to check before playing at these sites. Additionally, we provide examples of safe non-Swedish casinos for you to choose from on this page. Checking these details will help ensure that you are not playing at a fraudulent gambling site.

Are Non-Swedish casinos registered on SpelPaus?

No, casinos outside of Sweden are not required to register with SpelPaus. This is one way to avoid SpelPaus blocking, as being a member of their self-exclusion scheme is not demanded by sites not holding an SGA license. You will be fully free to play at these sites when signed up for SpelPaus.

Do MGA casinos accept Swedish players?

No, casinos licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority will not accept players from Sweden. The MGA has strict regulations in place and recognizes the authority of the SGA over Swedish players. You will have to select casinos licensed by other jurisdictions such as Curacao for foreign casinos that accept Swedish players.

How can I avoid SpelPaus?

The easier way to get around SpelPaus is similar to registering with a non GamStop casino. Simply locate a casino without a Swedish license, like those listed on our page. Many international sites accept Swedish players and are not restricted by Spelpaus and other SGA regulations.

Why would a casino not have a Swedish license?

There are many reasons why an online casino would not have a Swedish license. Many feel that paying an 18% operators’ tax is unfair, while others have exclusive deals with gaming providers that are unable to offer their catalog to casinos holding an SGA license. Many casinos without a Swedish license operate under the regulations of other gambling authorities, such as Panama and can be considered trustworthy once properly researched.

Can I legally play at a Non-Swedish casino?

Yes, it is legal for Swedish players to play at a casino outside Sweden. The major legal issue for these providers is marketing directly to the Swedish market. Should there ever be a legal issue, liability falls on the gambling site and not the player.

Can I play with a credit card at unlicensed casinos?

Yes, credits cards are frequently accepted at casinos outside of Sweden. Other popular payment methods such as cryptocurrencies are widely available at these gambling sites and offer a safe and anonymous way to play.