California State Lottery

california state lottery


The California State Lottery was established in the State of California, USA on the 6th of November 1984 and is often simply referred to as the California Lottery. The very first California State Lottery tickets went on sale on the 3rd of October 1985 and the original idea behind the creation of the California State Lottery was to provide more money for the state education system, without having to impose more taxation on the general public. The very first California State Lottery games were available in the form of ‘scratchers’ (scratch cards) and a weekly lotto game was launched in 1986.

Current Lotto Games offered by California State Lottery

The California State Lottery is quite interesting as it offers a range of different lottery games within the same lottery. This allows for a wide range of prize pools and prize options covered in a variety of lotto game styles. California State Lottery games are available throughout the state of California with millions of players participating each week in a variety of games including Powerball and Mega Millions Lotteries. The following is a list of the available lottery games within the California State Lottery:

california state lottery
  • Draw Games: In draw games, players can buy their tickets in advance, with the winners selected via a random number generator.
  • Daily 3: In Daily 3 lotto games, players choose three numbers from a range of 0 – 9 along with a “playstyle”. Different Playstyles include default (no choice made by the player), box or straight/box. Players can also go with a Quick Pick which means that they computer chooses the three numbers for you. Games cost $1.00 per play/draw with two televised draws happening every day. Players can also pick an Advanced Play option which allows up to fourteen draws in a row.
  • Daily 4: Based on a “pick four”, this game also costs just $1.00 per game with drawings held once per day. Just like Daily 3, players can choose to play a straight, box or straight/box option.
  • Daily Derby:Based on a horse race, this game is called a ‘mock’ horse race where players can choose three ‘horses’, each with a different finishing option. The winning horse is the Win, second place is the Place and the third place is the Show. Players are also able to select the start time of the race by marking the last three digits on their pay slip, with race times being from 1:40:00 to 1:49:99. Alternatively, players can go with the Quick Pick option, where the computer chooses the horses along with the race times. Daily Derby costs $2,00 per game and also offers Advance Play with up to 14 consecutive draws.
  • SuperLotto Plus: This lotto option is only available in California and is similar to Mega Millions. SuperLotto Plus draws take place every Wednesday and every Saturday. The original game was called SuperLotto and was launched in 1986, with the SuperLottoPlus kicking in in 2000. The starting jackpot is $7 million with a cash option for jackpot winners. Players choose five numbers from a choice of forty seven. An additional “Mega Number” is chosen from a separate set of twenty seven balls.
  • Mega Millions: Mega Millions was first introduced in 2004 by then Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger who wanted California to join a multi-jurisdictional lottery. However, California is the only one of the forty five Mega Millions partners to offers pari-mutuel prizes across all nine levels of Mega Millions. This means that California prize levels are often higher on lower levels than other states higher levels. In other words, a second prize level in California may be higher than the jackpot level in another participating state. The rollover can be considerable in lower tiers, leading many to refer to second prize levels in California as a secondary jackpot payout.
  • Powerball: Powerball was first introduced to the California State Lottery in 2012 and is similar to Mega Millions. However, all non-jackpot draws are drawn from an intrastate prize pool. Each prize pool can be rolled over, creating a secondary jackpot in California, similar to Mega Millions non-jackpot level prizes.
  • Hot Spot: This is a quick-draw lotto game with a keno style to it. Players can choose to play one to ten numbers or “spots” and choose these from a pool of numbers ranging from 01 to 80. The jackpot prize for a 10 spot play is $100,000.
  • Scratchers: Scratchers are among the most popular lottery game option in the California State Lottery. These are basically scratch cards with a range of smaller prizes derived from a wide number of different scratch card games. The general price of these scratch cards range from $1 up to $10 per card.