Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

Bingo sites not on Gamstop not only exist, but they are plentiful and easy to register with if you’re based in the United Kingdom. In fact, more and more UK players are checking out these sites in the hopes of finding something with a little more action than they’re used to seeing at their home-grown casino sites, and loving what they see!

If you’ve experienced problems with gambling in the past you may have signed up to the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme. This is a very useful tool for players who cannot control their behaviour or manage their bankroll, but many find that Gamstop’s hardline approach is too much. Perhaps you now have better control over your playing habits, maybe your financial situation has improved, or perhaps your Gamstop exclusion came about due to one bad experience with a single operator, and now you suddenly find yourself blocked from all of them?

Whatever your reasons, non-Gamstop online bingo sites are available now, and with our handy guide you’ll soon know just what to look for when selecting a new site to play with. These sites are not licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) as they are not registered in the UK, which means they are not signed up to Gamstop’s scheme. But don’t forget that other licensing bodies exist aside from the UKGC, so just because a site isn’t licensed in the UK that doesn’t mean it isn’t licensed by a reputable regulator.

Read on to find out how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to bingo!

  • The Best Bingo Sites not on Gamstop
  • What is Gamstop?
  • How to Get Around Gamstop to Play Bingo Online
  • Why Play at a non-Gamstop Bingo Site?
  • Site Ratings – What We Look For
  • Recommended Site: Eclipse Casino
  • Bingo Games Available at non-Gamstop Sites
  • Pros of non-Gamstop Bingo Sites
  • Cons of non-Gamstop Bingo Sites

Best Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

£250 bonus on your first deposit
5.0 rating
€2000 bonus 200%
4.8 rating
€5 bonus 1x Wagering
5.0 rating
£1500 bonus 180%
4.8 rating
£1000 bonus 150%
4.8 rating
€6000 bonus 400%
4.5 rating
best bingo sites not on gamstop

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is a scheme designed to protect those UK gamblers most vulnerable to addiction issues. It is a voluntary scheme whereby an individual who registers with Gamstop will have their identity shared among all UKGC-licensed gaming sites, which will then block them from betting, playing or creating an account.

The exclusion only applies to online venues, as physical casinos have their own, similar scheme (called SENSE). Physical bingo halls also operate a separate exclusion scheme, which must be joined in person at a bingo hall (or via telephone with a physical bingo hall).

While Gamstop is a useful tool for many problem gamblers, we hear again and again how a single impetuous decision – sometimes directed at a single website – can affect our readers’ ability to gamble at any UK online bookmaker, poker site or casino. Gamstop bans run for anything from six months to five years, and are completely irreversible, so we understand how being excluded in this way can be frustrating. Luckily, there are ways around Gamstop.

How to Get Around Gamstop to Play Bingo Online

As we’ve seen, with a Gamstop exclusion it’s possible to still play bingo live at bingo halls. But part of the appeal of this fast, quick-winning game is being able to play it anytime you like – from home, on the move, or wherever you find yourself. So how can you play bingo online with Gamstop in effect?

We mentioned above how Gamstop applies to all online gaming sites licensed by the UKGC. As many of our readers are based in the United Kingdom, you’ll likely be very familiar with these licensed brands: they’re the ones bombarding you with adverts, or visible on your local high street!

But don’t forget that there are a number of reputable licensing bodies around the world, in places such as Curacao, Malta and Cyprus, for example, that are equally as capable of licensing and regulating top quality gaming operators online.

To play bingo not on Gamstop doesn’t mean playing at an unlicensed site; you’ll find plenty of trustworthy, reputable sites that are well regulated and with a long history of paying out winners. All it takes is a little vision, to be prepared to look further afield than the boring, established names you’re used to seeing on web ads or footballers’ shirts. You’ll find everything you love about online bingo, and probably a lot more besides!

Why Play at a non-Gamstop Bingo Site?

Bingo has a long history in the UK, with large bingo halls still standing in every major town up and down the land. These are usually run by the same people who operate many of the big online bingo brands (we’re sure you know the ones we mean), and can weigh a company down with high-cost overheads. It’s easy to see how those extra costs can get passed down to the customers.

Online-only bingo sites do not have any of the overheads that these high street dinosaurs have to meet, so are often able to offer better payouts, more attractive games and bigger bonuses.

What’s more, these are international-facing sites with players from across the globe, and obviously larger player pools can can push prizes higher than ever. Add in the fact that these sites often feature additional gambling opportunities – including numerous games you might not have even seen before if you’ve been stuck playing at a UKGC site – and the reasons for playing at a non-UK bingo site just get more and more convincing!

Site Ratings – What We Look For

When we check out the best non-Gamstop bingo sites online, we do so with our readers in mind. We know the type of service you expect and the kind of games you want to play, but there’s a lot that goes into our decision-making process when we’re separating the best from the rest! Here are the big deal-breakers we look for, to make sure you have the best bingo experience available.

Gameplay Options

All bingo games share certain things, but as experienced players will know that doesn’t mean all bingo games are the same. Far from it, in fact! When we recommend a bingo site we want to make sure it’s one that will appeal to as many readers as possible, so we always value a good range of gameplay options very highly. After all, if the best site in the world doesn’t run the game you want to play, it’s not going to be suitable for you!

Good Payment Methods

Moving money around online can be an experience as easy as pie, or one that leaves you banging your head against the wall! There are lots of ways to pay for goods online nowadays, from eWallets to evouchers, credit cards and even cryptocurrencies, so we want to recommend those sites that are going to make it easy for you. We know that not all payment methods are available to players in the UK, too, so we’ll usually try to favour those sites that provide simple, fast and effective ways to fund your account within the UK.


One of the most exciting aspects to signing up to a new site – apart from exploring all the many new games they usually have to offer – is to see what your welcome package is going to look like! These sites know they only have one chance to make a first impression, and that by front-loading their offers to you and giving you the best value right away, they have the best chance of keeping you as a regular customer. We check every site’s offers to make sure you’re getting good value, and let you know when you’ll need to check the fine print for any hidden clauses.

Customer Experience

It may sound obvious, but the experience of actually using a site and playing its games is really the most important thing. How does it feel to play? Is it fun? Does it provide you with the action, excitement and payoffs that you expect and desire? Here we’re looking for a good user interface and a well-designed site or app, but also ‘quality-of-life’ aspects like good customer support, easy banking methods, or perhaps a dedicated mobile app. You’re looking for a place to play, after all, so if the gameplay’s no good it’s time to move on!

Recommended Site – Eclipse Casino

There’s a lot of choice out there for bingo lovers in the UK looking for a non-Gamstop online bingo site. We think if you’re looking to get started with non-UK bingo sites then a great place to start would be Eclipse Casino – a fun online bingo site with a space theme.

Head on over to the site’s ‘Specialty’ games section, and you’ll find a choice of bingo games running with anything from 30 up to 90 balls. These automated games are fast and fun to play, and with a state-of-the-art user interface you’ll never miss out on a big win due to not being able to hear the bingo caller! If you’re new to the game this gives you a great way to learn and improve without playing live or in public, where new players may become intimidated due to their relative inexperience. If you’re an old hand, on the other hand, it allows you to play multiple games at once to maximise your fun – and profits.

You’ll notice also that Eclipse Casino also offers plenty of other fun slots and casino games, including blackjack, roulette and baccarat, as well as a good selection of video poker games like ‘Joker Poker’ and ‘Jacks or Better’. Keno is also available in several formats, which is one game we’d recommend bingo lovers to try out (if they haven’t already), as it features a lot of similarities while adding some fun new twists.

Sign up with Eclipse Casino and you’ll be eligible for a welcome bonus worth up to 300% for slots, plus 100% cashback. To qualify, simply deposit $25 or more and enter the code ‘ECLIPSE300’.

Bingo Games Available at non-Gamstop Sites

They call the numbers, you mark them down; it’s one of the oldest games around, and one that’s pretty simple when you think about it! But experienced players will know there’s more to bingo than initially meets the eye. Knowing your options will help you find the game you want to play.

Bingo 30

The fewer the numbers there are, the faster the games come to a conclusion, and with just 30 balls in play Bingo 30 is the quickest fix you can find when it comes to scratching your bingo itch. As you might expect, games can be fast and furious!

Bingo 75

If Bingo 30 uses 30 different numbered balls, can you guess what happens in Bingo 75? That’s right, the number of balls goes up and as a result the game plays a little longer and is a little harder to win. A good choice for intermediate players.

Bingo 80

You’re getting it now, aren’t you? Bingo 80 adds 5 more balls to the Bingo 75 formula for a longer and tougher game. If you’re looking for games to last longer, and give you more value in terms of playtime, then head for one of the varieties with more balls in play. If you want a fast, fun game then the fewer ball varieties will be more up your street.

Live Bingo

Just like bingo, we love casino games, and there’s nothing quite like playing live casino online. Knowing that you’re interacting with a real person, real cards and real equipment gives any session an extra special something, and we have to say the same thing goes for bingo.

If you’re an experienced live bingo player, you’ll feel right at home playing live bingo online (and only partly because you might actually be at home at the time!). Listening to the caller as they pull the numbers adds a human dimension that automated bingo games – for all their unique attractions – are not yet able to replicate.

Plenty of sites offer live bingo alongside other live dealer games like roulette, baccarat and blackjack, so we recommend you shop around to find one where you like the interface and their selection of callers or dealers they have available. And it goes without saying that we recommend always playing at a site in a language you can understand! We doubt even the best bingo players would stand a chance if they don’t actually understand which numbers are being called! Luckily most live bingo operators use English, but it’s worth checking before you start playing!

Pros of non-Gamstop Bingo Sites

  • Worldwide player pool means potentially more players, more games and bigger prizes
  • Great selection of other games including keno, slots, video poker and casino table games
  • Some sites also feature sportsbooks so you can bet while you play
  • Good choice of sites, with different welcome bonuses at each
  • Sites may offer unlimited deposits
Bingo sites not on gamstop pros

Cons of non-Gamstop Bingo Sites

  • UKGC-licensed sites are some of the most trustworthy around – other licensors may not be as notoriously strict
  • Fewer responsible gaming tools available
  • Games rarely available in GBP


Does Gamstop include online Bingo?

Yes, a Gamstop exclusion covers all online gaming licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), including online bingo. Non-UK bingo sites are therefore not affected by the Gamstop exclusion.

Does Gamstop include Bingo halls?

No. As Gamstop is an online-focused scheme, physical casinos and bingo halls are not included in a Gamstop exclusion. Land-based casinos have a similar system called SENSE, while land-based bingo halls use their own self-exclusion scheme, which must be joined in person at a bingo hall (or via telephone to same).

Is non-Gamstop Bingo safe?

Just because a site is not licensed by the UKGC does not mean it is unlicensed or dangerous. Many other licensing jurisdictions exist, including established and reputable gaming regulators in Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta, the Isle of Man and Curacao. When playing at a site licensed by one of these bodies you should feel just as safe and secure as using a recognisable high street bookmaker’s brand.

Am I legally allowed to play on non-Gamstop Bingo sites if I have signed up with Gamstop?

Yes. Gamstop is a voluntary scheme, not a legally-enforceable measure. By working around the Gamstop restriction you are simply exercising your right to choose an alternative to UK bingo sites.

Will I be taxed on my winnings?

It is possible that you may be taxed on winnings as these sites are not regulated by the UKGC, which ensures that any winnings paid out to UK players (who are not professional gamblers) are not eligible for tax. Non-UKGC sites do not have to abide by this decision, however. As every case is different, we recommend talking to an accountant or tax professional if you have any doubts or queries.