Non Gamstop Casinos

Ever thought about playing at non Gamstop casinos? Here you will find accurate information about casinos not on Gamstop rated by industry experts and active casino players. Although the Gamstop’s self-exclusion system is designed to keep you safe, it has certain rules and restrictions that can affect your casino experience in some unexpected ways. That is why gambling sites not on Gamstop have surged in the UK. Add generous promotion bonuses and loyalty programs into the mix, and it’s easy to see why more and more UK gamblers are signing up at sites not registered with Gamstop. Check out the list below for the best casinos not on Gamstop providing excellent slots and live casino games.

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Top Casinos Not on GamStop

400% Welcome Bonus

  • Sportsbetting bonus
  • New non gamstop casino
  • Live casino & lotto
{rating} rating

200% Welcome Bonus

  • New casino not on gamstop
  • Great promotional offer
  • Virtual Games and Live Casino
{rating} rating


  • Both casino and Sportsbetting
  • Great bonus for new players
  • Easy and fast withdrawals
{rating} rating


  • Bonus with only 1x wager
  • Non Gamstop casino
  • Lotteries, casino and betting
{rating} rating

300% Welcome Bonus

  • 500% Crypto Bonus
  • New non gamstop casino
  • 2000+ slots not on gamstop
{rating} rating


  • Tournaments with good prizes
  • Casino, Betting and E-sports
  • Good Casino not on Gamstop
{rating} rating

400% Welcome Bonus

  • Accepts crypto deposits
  • 5% daily cashback
  • Great sportsbetting offering
{rating} rating


  • New casino not on Gamstop
  • Loaded with great games
  • Lotteries and tournaments
{rating} rating

400% Welcome Bonus

  • Brand new casino not on gamstop
  • Possible with bitcoin deposits
  • Selection of the best casino games
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  • Innovative casino offerings
  • Sports, eSports and Casino
  • Cashback bonus offered
{rating} rating


  • Twenty percent daily cashback
  • 24/7 support available
  • Gambling site not on gamstop
{rating} rating


  • Live Blackjack and Roulette
  • xMas bonus doubling deposit
  • Slots from NetEnt – non gamstop
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Non Gamstop Casino Sites in a Nutshell

  • Casino Online offered via another Gambling License, outside of UK
  • No Responsible Gambling features such as Gamstop and self-exclusion
  • No deposit and wagering restrictions
  • Generous welcome bonuses, competitions and loyalty programs
  • Innovative payment options such as numerous eWallets and Bitcoin
  • Flexible registration and less hassle as far as verification processes
  • Full range of slots and live casino games

List of Best Casinos not Registered with Gamstop

How do we rate the best non gamstop casinos in 2021? Our ranking of casinos not registered with Gamstop is based on our own player experiences. We would not recommend these casinos if they were not safe and reliable as far as games, cyber security, industry reputation and trusted payment options. Below you will find the latest top 10 list of the best UK casinos not on Gamstop according to us.

List of non Gamstop casinos UK 2021 (updated):

  1. Fortune Clock
  2. Cobra Spins
  3. Cyber Casino
  4. 24 Monaco
  5. Gallo
  6. Ocean Breeze
  7. Crazy Star
  8. Agent No Wager
  9. Mr Sloty
  10. 24Casino Bet

What Does Non-GamStop Mean? 

In the UK, GamStop’s service is used to limit and restrict a player’s access to online gambling, primarily through self-exclusion. If you need a break from online casino games, poker or sports betting, every legitimate betting and gaming site will offer their own limits and self-exclusion options. This basically means you can go into your account settings and choose to lock yourself out of certain games or even the whole site for a set period of time or, 6 months, 12 months or 5 years.

GamStop provides a larger, across-the-board solution. Instead of excluding yourself from each site or game individually, GamStop allows you to self-exclude from many at once via a single platform. Remember, though, that these restrictions only apply to sites registered with GamStop: you’ll still be free to use a non UK casino without GamStop.

With participation in the scheme not yet mandatory for UK Gambling Commission-licensed operators, non-GamStop betting and casino sites can be just as safe, trustworthy and secure as those that are signed up. So when it comes to choosing your next betting platform, you can be confident that non-GamStop sites are just as credible and worthy of consideration as any others.

It’s worth noting that GamStop is a British responsible gambling organisation, so its reach doesn’t stretch overseas. This means that international operators aren’t part of its self-exclusion system. So instead of treating online casinos not registered with GamStop as suspicious, you should see them as another option available to canny players willing to shop around.

If you prefer to consider sites individually, rather than paint with broad strokes, then the best non-GamStop casinos are well worth considering.

non gamstop casinos

About GamStop UK

Before we look at the advantages of non Gamstop casinos UK and those not registered with GamStop, let’s quickly talk about the organisation itself. GamStop operates the UK’s largest online gambling self-exclusion scheme. Users that register with the organisation can provide a few personal details and restrict their access to all GamStop-registered gambling sites for a set period of time.

While GamStop is a free service and many of the UK’s top online casinos and betting sites are linked to it, membership is not compulsory. Although all UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licensees will have to join GamStop in the future, participation is currently optional. Therefore, legitimate online gambling operators can still offer a legal, safe and high-quality service without being part of GamStop.

What Are the Advantages of Casinos not on Gamstop?

The obvious question when it comes to casinos not on GamStop UK is why? If there are no differences in terms of services, quality and safety, why wouldn’t you choose a platform that has the added protection of GamStop?

For most, the main reasons are personal freedom and greater choice. Yes, GamStop is a fantastic tool that promotes responsible gambling. However, as is often the case in life, painting with broad strokes isn’t always a good idea. Everone’s situation is different, and a blanket exclusion from multiple gambling sites at once may not be what you need or desire.

For example, you may feel as though you’re not getting the best service from a particular online casino. If you chose to restrict your access to it via GamStop, you’d also lose access to dozens of other UK gambling sites that may be more suitable. Using Gamstop to address an issue with a particular site or game may prove to be a large-scale reaction to a small-scale problem.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t see GamStop as a useful tool; it certainly is, but it may not be suitable for all players in all circumstances. Say you used GamStop because you weren’t happy with a particular site, but changed your mind a week later? At this point, you’d be frozen out from an entire network and unable to play until the exclusion period ends.

Safe non GameStop casinos

Using some of the best casinos not on GameStop, you wouldn’t be in this position. If you had an issue with a certain site, you could simply use its own, site-specific self-exclusion settings and still have access to other online casinos. Again, this comes back to the idea of painting with fine strokes rather than broad ones. This is, perhaps, most applicable to experienced gamblers. When you understand the nuances of betting, you’re more likely to consider situations on a case-by-case basis. Those that are less experienced are more likely to take the broad stroke approach and block everything at once.

Ultimately, all of this is about choice: your choice. We want you to know what your options are and have the freedom to make your own decisions. When it comes to a true understanding of gambling, those with experience often have better control. This, in turn, can make non GameStop casino sites a better option.

Bonuses on sites not on Gamstop

And of course, there’s another advantage to using online casinos not registered with GameStop: bonuses!

Although there isn’t always a direct correlation between offers and participation in GamStop, it’s possible to say that some independent sites have better promotions. If non-GamStop casinos and betting sites not on Gamstop put more faith in you and your powers of control, then it makes sense that their welcome offers may be bigger and more attractive.

What’s more, if an online operator has big overheads to pay – a string of branded high street stores, for example – then it makes sense that some of that outlay is recouped from customers via less attractive offers, bonuses and promotions.

One of the reasons some sites only offer small bonuses is because they don’t want to encourage overuse. However, if an operator believes consumers are more likely to be disciplined, there’s no reason you can’t find welcome bonuses with deposit multipliers worth 500% or more. The same goes for top European gambling sites and online casinos: those willing to look beyond the GamStop label could pick up some surprisingly generous bonuses.

Non gamstop casinos pros

Things to Be Aware of When You’re Not Using GamStop

It’s crucial to note that gambling responsibly is always important. If you’re not confident in your ability to control your actions, then GamStop casinos may be the best option for you. However, if you’re someone that has a good level of discipline when it comes to betting, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider all your available choices. It’s always important to stay in control, and that extends to knowing all your options.

If you’re willing to take each situation on a case-by-case basis and not use GamStop’s sweeping approach to self-exclusion, you have to keep on top of your betting activities. Any time you feel as though things are getting out of hand, you need to stop and think about what you’re doing. In fact, this is just as true even if you’re using GamStop casinos. Although the system is designed to restrict access to multiple sites, it’s not perfect. As well as glitches, there are ways to circumvent restrictions by using false details to create new accounts, easily negating GamStop’s benefits.

Obviously, this is illegal. However, it’s one of the lengths some people will go to if they’re not in control of their gambling habits. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re using non GameStop casinos or their counterparts, you should always be aware of what you’re doing.The moment you feel you’re not in control, stop immediately and seek help.

Cons with gamblingsites not on gamstop

Is Non-GamStop Gambling Tax Free?

As well as issues with self-control, using gambling sites not linked to GamStop or located outside of the UK can raise issues with regards to tax. In general, any online casino or betting site licensed in the UK won’t deduct any money from the winnings of local customers. Additionally, under UK law, you’re not liable to pay tax on any gambling winnings unless it’s your sole means of income.

The same can’t be said overseas. If you decide that you want to break free from GamStop and the UKGC, you can opt to play on some foreign sites. This isn’t true in all cases. For example, gambling laws in France previously allowed players based outside the country to join locally licensed sites. However, this has now changed, meaning that you have to be in France to register and play. Similar rule changes have taken place in Italy and other European nations.

Of course, if you’re in France and using local sites, for example, you can bet and play, but be aware you may be liable for local taxes. That’s also true if you use a permitted foreign gambling site from within the UK.

Although each country has its own laws, you have to be aware that using non-GamStop, non-UKGC casinos may open you up to fees you wouldn’t otherwise be liable to pay.

Deposit and Withdrawals at UK Casinos Without GamStop

OK, so you’ve decided that you want to try some of the top non-GamStop casinos and betting sites online. That’s great but you need to know how to make a deposit before you can enjoy a full betting experience. In some cases, sites not registered with the UKGC may have limited payment options, while in others they may be able to process payments from new customers more quickly. At some casinos not on Gamstop you can deposit without having to go through all ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements needed for a UKGC licence.

However, by joining a licensed UK online gambling operator, you should get access to a variety of secure deposit methods. Moreover, sites that are licensed by international regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) will also offer a selection of safe payment processors.

As you’d expect, the methods you can use to deposit or withdraw will vary from operator to operator. However, as a general guide, you should be able to make secure payments and withdrawals at the top non-GamStop sites using the following:

Credit/Debit Cards

In the UK, you will only find the likes of Visa and MasterCard offered as a payment option if the site is licenced by the UKGC. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use a non-GamStop casino and pay using a credit or debit card.

By using casinos or betting sites licenced outside of the UK by regulators such as MGA, you can make deposits and withdrawals using Visa and MasterCard. The only issue you need to be aware of is that you may have to make payments in a foreign currency and, therefore, pay certain taxes and fees.

Cash Vouchers/Prepaid Cards

One of the most popular payment methods at casinos not registered with GameStop are vouchers. Through systems such as Ukash, you can make deposits without supplying any personal information. Once you’ve purchased a prepaid gift card or voucher, you enter the unique code and the payment will be processed.

As well as being anonymous, this option is great because the deposit is guaranteed. Because you’ve already paid for the voucher, there’s no chance that an operator can’t retrieve the funds and complete the payment. This, in turn, means a cash voucher payment will never be rejected unless you try to deposit more than it’s worth.


Overseas, PayPal isn’t typically offered as a payment option like it is in the UK. However, it’s not the only eWallet in town. Scroll through some of the top casinos no on GamStop and you’ll find processors such as Skrill, Neteller, Entropay and EcoPayz. All of these are highly reputable, highly secure payment processors. Moreover, they are some of the most efficient ways to make deposits and withdrawals.


A rising star in the online gambling world, cryptocurrencies have become a go-to method for non-GamStop betting sites and casinos. Because cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple are virtually anonymous, you can (in theory) make payments to anyone from anywhere in the world without incurring currency conversion fees and the like. This is perfect for customers that want to use international gambling sites from the UK.

Are Gambling Sites Not Covered by GamStop Licenced?

Although you can find GamStop-free online gambling sites in the UK, it’s often the case that they are licensed overseas. In reality, the UKGC is simply one regulator within an international network of agencies.

It’s a well-respected regulator and a licence from the UKGC is taken as a mark of quality, but there are other organisations that are just as respected. If you want to use a legitimate and licensed non-GamStop gambling site, here are some of the regulators you can rely on to ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • ARJEL (France)
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission (International)
  • AAMS (Italy)
  • Spanish Gaming Commission (Commission Nacional del Juego)
  • Gambling Supervision Commission (Isle of Man – International)
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission (International)
  • Curacao Internet Gambling Association/Curacao Gaming (International)

Slots Not on GamStop

Let’s take a moment to discuss one of the best reasons players seek out non-GamStop casinos: the slots!

We already know why these sites might appeal to you, what they offer in terms of playing conditions and how you can make deposits. But what about the slots not on Gamstop? Will you be able to find your favourites on non Gamstop casinos? Fortunately, many of the world’s leading slots providers don’t have to be registered with GamStop or the UKGC to offer some of the best slots around.

Because regulators are there to ensure online casino games are fair, you should make sure the platform you’re using has a licence of some kind. Assuming it does, you should be able to enjoy the same top slots you would at any site registered with GamStop. Indeed, because software suppliers such as NetEnt, Play’n Go and Yggdrasil aren’t bound by GamStop, they’re free to offer their games to any licensed operator they wish.

For you as a player, that means you can spin slots not registered with GamStop and enjoy many of the industry’s top titles. To give you an idea of what you can play when you join our recommended websites not on GamStop, here are just a few of the leading spinners:

  • Starburst
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Foxin’ Wins
  • Genie Wild
  • Merlin’s Millions
  • Irish Eyes
  • Batman
  • The Mask
  • King Kong

Non-GamStop Casinos FAQ

What is GamStop exactly?

GamStop is a national self-exclusion system available to customers in the UK.

Are non-licensed casinos that accept UK players safe?

In general, you should always use a licensed online gaming site, but the site doesn’t have to be regulated by the UKGC. However, for the safest experience possible, you should use sites licensed by an international regulator. Check the site’s homepage for details – they usually mention their licensor at the bottom of the page.

Do sites not registered with GamStop offer other gambling products?

Yes! Just because a site isn’t registered with GamStop, that doesn’t mean you can’t access a full suite of casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and more.

How many non Gamstop casinos are there?

This is an impossible question to answer because the definition of what non-licenced is can be different. If we’re discussing sites without any type of licence, the number is unknown, simply because they may be independent and under the radar. If we’re discussing sites that aren’t licenced in the UK but are regulated elsewhere, there are literally hundreds of options.

How long does a self-exclusion on GamStop last?

Self-exclusion on GamStop can last for as long as you like within certain parameters. As a standard, you can restrict access for six months, one year or five years. Alternatively, you can exclude yourself forever. For shorter restriction periods, such as 12 hours, you can use a site’s local self-exclusion options.

Are there any casinos not on GamStop?

Yes. Not all UK casinos have to be registered with GamStop at this point. Additionally, online casinos and betting sites located outside of the UK won’t be registered with GamStop. This doesn’t mean they’re not legit places to bet.

Is it possible to end self-exclusion early?

No. Once you’ve decided to use GamStop or a site’s internal system, you have to wait for the restriction to end before you can bet again – even if you made the decision in haste or want to change your mind.

Can you block non-GamStop casino sites?

There isn’t an official way to block non-GamStop casinos or betting sites. However, you can stop yourself from making payments to sites not registered with GamStop by applying restriction through your bank.

Is Curacao a serious gambling jurisdiction?

Curacao is one of the oldest gambling jurisdictions in the world. Long before the UKGC took control of online gambling in the UK or bodies such as ARJEL were created, Curacao Gaming was responsible for regulating many of the world’s largest online gambling operators.

Are casinos not covered by GamStop tax-free?

If they’re located in the UK and you’re a UK resident, then yes they are. As long as you’re British and gambling earnings aren’t your sole source of income, anything you win is tax-free.

Rise of casinos not on gamstop

The Rise of Gambling Sites Not on GamStop

So why are non-GamStop gambling sites on the rise? There are many thoughts on the matter, but in an age where freedom of choice is more important than ever, it could be argued that people simply don’t want to be told what they can and can’t do.

On top of this, restrictions and regulations have also become problematic in some instances. Although we all accept that certain standards need to be upheld in order to create a safe environment for everyone, there are times when oversight becomes oppressive.

The internet was designed to be a place where ideas could be exchanged freely. Likewise, gambling appeals to many due to its reliance on personal choice and a sense of individual responsibility. Put the two together and you have a combination of personal freedoms that strikes a chord with many around the world.

However, many people feel that around certain issues, specifically gambling and internet use, there are those that don’t want us to be free to make our own choices. Therefore, the rise of betting sites and online casinos not on GamStop can be seen as a reaction against what some see as over-regulation.

Strict Gambling Laws and the Rise of Non-Licenced Operators

The recent rise of gambling sites not on GamStop can be attributed to increased regulation in some cases or, in others, the lack of clear regulations. For example, in the US, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 made it illegal for operators to processors deposits or withdrawals for local customers. What it didn’t do, however, was outlaw online gambling.This actually forced American gamers to look outside of the US rather than stop gambling. According to the American Gaming Association, the market for offshore or illegal sports betting in the US is worth $150 billion.

In the UK, the opposite is true. While in the US there are either no regulations or legal blockades, the UK has very clear gaming laws and pleny of them. For this reason there are some that believe regulations have become too strict. This has led to some operators either exiting the market or not signing up to organisations such as GamStop. UKGC data shows that around 35% of consumers are aware of offshore based gambling operators. This could suggest that people are now looking outside of the UK and towards gambling sites not registered with GamStop.

New non Gamstop casinos

A lot of operators are now moving away from the UK market. Although it remains one of the most buoyant gaming markets in the world, the UK’s perceived over-regulation has caused a shift abroad in recent years. Today, certain brands have left the market, while the new casinos have chosen to go for the unlicensed market instead. Fortune Clock is one example of a new casino not on gamstop that accepts players from UK. The reason why they and other casinos ignored the UK license is most likely because of all rules and the overwhelming compliance that is required by UKGC. So, it is more likely to find new non gamstop casinos rather than new casinos with a UK license.

Some of the recent gambling sites not on gamstop are,

  • 24H Monaco
  • Lionel Bets
  • Very Well Casino
  • Prestige Spin
  • Red Rose Casino

Licensed UK Casinos vs. Non-GamStop Casinos

Should you choose a site licensed by the UKGC or opt for one that’s either not linked to GamStop or regulated outside of the UK? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide.

Financially Responsible: Any site licensed by the UKGC has to be financially strong. As well as having enough operating capital, these sites must handle your money in a responsible way. Sites located outside of the UK and not regulated by the UKGC may not have to follow the same codes of conduct.

Established and Experienced: UK licenced online casinos tend to be well established. Because they’re able to meet the strict demands of the UKGC, they’re able to operate profitably in the UK. Non-GamStop sites tend to be newer and offer different ideas and options with regards to online gaming.

Customer Support: All the best online casinos and betting sites will have strong, active support teams. Whether they’re linked to GamStop or the UKGC shouldn’t have a bearing on the level of support you get as this is down to the quality of the company.

Safe Gambling: Any online gambling site, whether it’s registered with GamStop or not will be safe as long as it has a gaming licence. A licence from a regulator such as MGA is just as good as one from the UKGC.

Payment Methods: Non-GamStop gambling sites may not offer certain payment methods, such as PayPal.

Fast Payments: Licensed UK casino sites have to provide safe, secure and efficient payment options. Non-GamStop sites may not have to follow the same rules. However, many of the best operators try to process withdrawals within 24 hours.  

Game selection: The game selection at casinos not listed on GamStop should be just as varied as a licenced UK gambling site.

Bonuses and VIP Programs: Bonuses and VIP offers at UK licenced casinos often have more restrictions on them compared to non-GamStop casinos. UK licenced casinos tend to offer lower multipliers which means the wagering conditions might be higher.

The Future of Non-GamStop Casinos in the UK

The choice of where and what to play is up to you, so it’s important to review all the options you have available so you can make the best decision. With that in mind, the future of UK gaming is likely to split into two directions. At some point, all online casinos and betting sites licensed in the UK will have to register with GamStop. Therefore, if you want to use a UKGC-regulated site, GamStop will be part of the mix.

However, there are some operators that won’t want to follow these conditions. This means a secondary market will open up. This market is likely to contain gaming sites that are regulated outside of the UK but accessible for British residents. What this means for the industry at large is still unclear, but given the current circumstances, it appears to be the way things are heading.

Are there Other Ways to Block Yourself from Casino Sites?

Before we finish, we have to point out that GamStop isn’t the only player in town when it comes to self-exclusion. It’s the largest organisation of its kind in the UK but there are other options. All the best online gambling sites will offer their own self-exclusion options, for example. However, there are other ways to protect yourself. The first step is identifying and acknowledging your problem. If you’ve ever displayed any of the following signs, you may have a problem with gambling:

  • You’re always chasing your losses.
  • Your gambling activity affects your mood.
  • You’ve become reclusive or antisocial due to your gaming habit.
  • You’ve borrowed money to gamble.
  • You try to hide your gambling activities and finances from family and friends.

If any of these strike a chord, it might be time to take back control using these following self-exclusion and responsible gambling organisations can help you do that:


This is a paid-for service that allows you to block gambling sites and apps on all devices. New users can try the software for free for 14 days. It is the player’s choice basically to choose between licensed and non Gamban casinos via this software.


A problem gambling charity in the UK, GamCare offers advice, support and assistance if you feel as though you’re not in control of your betting habits.

Count Me Out

This organisation offers a similar service to GamStop. As well as a central database that shares a list of excluded players with betting operators, Count Me Out also shares data with counsellors and support agencies.


To monitor and control all internet activity, NetNanny is ideal. This software has a full suite of customisable options that allow you to block all sites within certain categories, including gambling.


Otherwise known as the Gordon Moody Association, this organisation provides support, counselling and residential treatment for those with problem gambling issues.

Think First: Try the Best Non-GamStop Casinos if the Conditions Are Right

Now that you have the facts about non-GamSop casinos, you can make a more educated choice. Whatever you choose is ultimately up to you, but you should always be aware that there are options out there. Only be considering the full picture can you make an informed choice and get the best experience possible.

Of course we encourage you to think carefully before you make your choices. Above, we mentioned that non-GamStop casinos are more suited to people that can control their gaming habits. This is a point we want to reiterate. Having freedom is great, but only if you have control. If you feel as though you’d benefit from some extra help in this department, it may be worth using GamStop sites. Additionally, if you’re still unsure about the nuances of gambling, you should consider all your options before you make a choice.

However, if you’re experienced and confident you can stay in control, non-GamStop gambling sites offer some great features. From lucrative bonuses you may not find at other sites to gamification features and unique payment options such as Bitcoin, these platforms have a lot going for them. So, if you’re ready to try something different, make sure you check out our list of recommended casinos not registered with GamStop.